Circa 2000-2002 Implosion Marble & Galaxy Pendant - EL HEFE

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    Not sure if I ever posted these. Just found the pics on an old usb drive so I figured I'd throw em up. Pretty cool story actually...

    My sister received these from her fiance many years ago as a gift, these were blown in 2000 (marble) and 2002 (pendant) by _______ (name hidden to protect the innocent), a friend of his that I had met a few times growing up in Raleigh. Fast forward to years later, she had given them to me to add to my collection and I happened to be on another website speaking via Private Message to El Hefe about a custom order. I happened to mention the marb and pendant and told him the story - he asked, "____(name hidden to protect the innocent) in Raleigh blew this? My name is _______ dude...and I'm in Raleigh..." after a round of photos and some name dropping to verify identity, it turns out that one of the best glass blowers in the world is somebody I hung out with numerous times growing up! Go figure. Anyways, here are a few pics:


    hope you enjoy, peace
  2. Those are amazing, the pendent had me reeling with shock at the sight of it, all I can say is

    Nice pictures - +rep
  3. Yeah man, that thing is pretty gnarly, the dichro work in it is amazing...I wish the photos didn't suck so much, next time I get a chance I'll have to dig these out of the closet and take em outside for a proper photoshoot. real cool to see how much he has progressed in the last decade...thanks for checkin it out and rep mang :wave:
  4. cool story bro :D

    and i actually am serious. thats pretty bad ass.
  5. sick marb nd pendant, even sicker story brotha haha
  6. sooo you know hefe?

    maybe i misunderstood. fucking dope though. nice pendants.
  7. can't say I "know" him as though I smoke bones all day with the guy, but yes, growing up in Raleigh I did hang out with him a few times

    thx for lookin
  8. that's tight dude, pretty crazy that you found out by talking to him about another custom order. crazy story.
  9. Sweet pieces, even better story...
  10. Wow thats sick, 10 years old. Cool story too, those are nice pendants :smoking:.

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