Cinematicly stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by Elwooded, May 27, 2010.

  1. Has anyone else every gotten this? im talking about the feeling that your in an amazing movie and the camera angles are just perfect. staring at the grass looks like some amazing high definition documentary or that feeling that your in some sort of quinten tarentino movie when you have an encounter with cops or other armed authority figures. and then theres the amazing feeling of just sitting with friends and suddenly its the funniest movie that youve ever watched. anyone else get this feeling? its probably my favorite part about getting stoned :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    PS: music turns things into the most fitting music video ever.
  2. This happens to me all the time, even while sober. It's a cool feeling, definitely magnified while stoned.
  3. Yeah! I get the exact feeling its sort of like im in the cinematic in god of war 3 with the titans at the beginning:smoking:
  4. this used to happen every time i smoked for a while, now it happens every now and then and i love it when it does
  5. No.. maybe because I've been smoking for a very long time.. but when I smoke, its more of a relaxation thing.

    Now *OTHER DRUGS* that we aren't allowed to discuss here.. are a different story.
  6. I get it sober all the time. Especially when I'm a passenger in a car looking out the window. One day I'm going to actually make the music video =)

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