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  1. I would really love to get some c99 or c99x with something but the only place i see that has it is hempdepot. Ive seen posts saying how you shouldnt order seeds from Canda to America. Is it worth it?
  2. Not sure about hemp depot but if you go to and look under Wallyduck's seeds he has several nice C99 crosses. He used to have Pineapple pheno pure C99 seeds but unfortunately they've been gone for a few months. :(
  3. great thanks for the info! :)
  4. Which cross of c99 is your favorite?
  5. I've only grown plain old Cindy and Wally wasn't the breeder but I know his version got enthusiastic reviews. You can try going to Wally's forum at where you should be able to find some reviews of the crosses.
  6. U rock +rep
  7. That's not the original breeder but yeah the Spice Bros. have a version. The Apollo11 on that page is a close relative of Cindy also. It's basically Cindy crossed with its "aunt", Genius.
  8. spice brothers' C99s are LONG GONE! they've been sold out since last year. i should know, i ended up buying spice brothers' C99 splash (C99 with a little bit of lien huanh) instead as they were out of the original. i wanted to try cindy's blues there (blueberry C99) but that was one of the 1st strains to become extinct. i think someone else has a differently named version of that.

    reeferman is carrying C99 too nowadays
    check out their C99 hybrids too. those sound interesting as well.

    and any other bank that stocks brothers grimm should have it too

    this UK site that carries joey weed has C99 and her son A11 too

    A11 is as stealthy & fruity as C99, but with a mellower and more euphoric high. i MISS trippy & paranoid old thai, so i think i'll like C99 better, but i also have some (A11g X lien huanh) X A11g beans to test too.

    i've been reading that C99 is alot like sour diesel and that most people prefer the more extreme flavors of sour D (i still think fuel sounds like a disgusting flavor) but i think C99s stealthy floral odor is bitchin'

    you might also want to consider jack herer & super silver haze which are supposedly related to C99, but with a bit more skunkiness & couchlocking indica traits.

    to my understanding of C99 from all i've read, she sounds perfect in every way... trippy & energetic old school sativa type high, grows fast & compact unlike thai etc., she has fruity flavors, especially pineapple (yummy!) and she's like a low odor flower. she's the worlds best behaved sativa.

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