Cindy 99 from niagara seed bank

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  1. Hey g.c. hows everyone doing . Just want to show you guys cindy n get your opinions on how much longer. Everytime I use my scope I never see amber just cloudy trics. I'm on day 49 today and the package says 8 weeks. I'm currently smoking the same my friend harvested at 7 n a half weeks n its really good smoke. Thanks guys n girls 20190623_095131.jpg 20190623_095204.jpg 20190623_095145.jpg .
  2. A lot of the hairs are still white so I would go at least another week before flushing
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  3. what i am seeing at least 3 more weeks . then start to flush . cindy 99 damn about 5 years ago i did some . some people say it had a trippy effect
  4. Yea some extra time would do him some good. Get a magnifying glass and look at the trichs
  5. Ya I'm letting her go 60 days all my trics are cloudy now so another 9 days she should be good to come down.
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  6. I find most of the time they go a week or two longer then the seed banks say

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