Cinderella-99 F1 Beans... The ultimate indoor Sativa!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HydroGanic, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hey all, :)

    Heard it through the grapevine recently that Seeds Direct is planning on offering F1 C-99 seeds around Nov-Dec.

    Anyone who's doing indoor that wants to try the ultimate indoor Sativa should start saving their money like I am. :)

    (No.. I'm not affiliated with Seeds Direct, I'm a C-99 fan and only F2 and F4 seeds are currently available)

    C-99 is a very up-beat energetic Sativa with a clear and very cerebral head high. Gets your body moving and is sweet from first hit to last. Be careful with her because she's a creeper... so take a couple hits and wait a bit to judge the potency.

    I'm STOKED and can't wait to order my own pack!!! Sweet!

    Anyone else out there already grown C-99? I'd love to hear your grow and smoke reports on it. :)

    Grow On!
  2. yea lol your not somehow affiliated you have a link to there site in your sig, your obviously at least bias.. :smoking:
  3. mhmm the site says i need some user name and password or something wont even let me browse there seed bank odd if you ask me, perhaps some clarification is needed?
  4. Yes, I'm completely biased when it comes to C-99.

    The only reason I mention the company is because everyone else only has F2 and F4 beans. These are the first F1 beans I've heard about for some time.

    As for the link asking for a password and such, that's the company's splash page that shows the companies they get seeds from... I guess.

    I found a site called that looks like it's their shopping cart but I'm not sure it's the same company. (You know how many freaking scammers there are out there)

    I'll see if I can get verification of which website is the ordering one and post the link.

    Anyone who's sure is welcome to chip in with the info. :) I just need to have the info by Nov-Dec Hehehehe ;)
  5. i want c99... find that holy grain pineapple pheno...

    i do have some C99x Black Velvet on the way tho

    man am i exited...:hello:

  6. I'm definitely looking to grow out as many females as possible to find a super girl.

    Since it's the only strain that deals with my AS super effectively, I'm super serious about maintaining a female for the genetics for myself.

    I've never had Black Velvet but anything with a strong C-99 presence is going to be some killer medical.

    GROW ON!

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