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Cigs + weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MastaBuda420, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Some people say it gives more of a high, which for me it does, but whenever i smoke weed then smoke cigs, i just pass out or throw up like non stop. So thats why i stopped smoking cigs, anyone else have this prob?
  2. lots of weed and lots of beer and lots of cigs do that to me, but I get way higher if after a smoke session me and me buddies go have a different smoke...
  3. The cigs gives you a big head buzz. Gets you dizzy quite a bit too, especially since you are probably smoking it in a joint; you don't smoke a joint like cigs.

    Some people don't like it, some does. It's your call.

  4. cigarette smoke has carbon monoxide in it. it's the combo of the nicotine and the lack of oxygen you're getting that's making you throw up and/or pass out. i smoked like a pack a day so i never had the problem. i smoke electronic now though. it's pure nicotine so you enhance your high without the nasty side effects.
  5. Used to smoke tons of cigs 70's but I quit 79. Every once in a while I'll just chill with my friends and smoke a few but I have in a while.:smoking: I feel like it just enhances cotton mouth.
  6. the extra high is from the nicotine and lightheadedness, but the puking is most likely from hydrogen cynaide, it is a poisonous chemical formed when tabaco is burned, i dont know how to spell it, but everytime i smoke, i get a sick feeling, wanting to puke, headache etc. thats why i dont smoke ciggaretes, their not worth it anyway, if you want to get higher, smoke another bowl its simmple as that, or try eating a mango, or dark chocolate 1 hour prior to smoking ;)
  7. Yeah i smoke cigs sometimes, but i don't really like to anymoresince i stated smoking weed, it makes me feel sick and for me kind of ruins my high
  8. Ughh, cigs r gross. My buddy was tellin me it 'boosts' your high, so I took a few hits and had this twisted gross face.

    Plus, why would you want to risk liking it enough to do it again to where possibly getting addicted? That'll eventually hurt the wallet...
  9. Yeah, there are lots of carcinogens in cigarette smoke. Like Tar, nicotine, arsenic, carbon monoxide, phosphorous and trace amounts of nitro-glycerine (Phosphorous and nitro is in the paper...a lot of bigger companies use a small amount of gunpowder in the paper making process to make it burn more even)

    It'll give you a nicotine buzz along with your high but it's short lasting. It gives you cotton mouth worse because of Nicotine's effect on your body. (Yes Nicotine is a poison, it's a natural defense mechanism in Tobacco to ward off insects) It curbs appetite, makes your stomach a little less stable, and thins the blood. Less oxygen travelling through your system, and since oxygen is a heavy part of the chemical enzymes in your saliva you start lacking the lubricative properties of saliva giving you a stronger cotton mouth.

    Mixed with a natural, harmless chemical inbalance that THC gives you the lowered stability of the stomach fromt he nicotine could make you want to throw up, the lack of oxygen in your blood can make you feel light headed and give you spins when compounded with the "High" you feel, and on top you've got a stronger cotton mouth....meaning...if you don't normally smoke cigarettes I owuldn't recommend it for new tokers.
  10. You must either be:
    A: Smoking them wrong
    B: Forcing yourself to smoke nasty cigs

    Try switching brands maybe? Or maybe to lights?
  11. if i smoke a cig i get a wicked body high. almost a drunk feeling. even if its only like a drag or two. i get the body high weather ive smoked bud or not. i hate cigs tho but it feels awesome smoking em.
  12. if you never smoke while your not high it may make you feel like shit, but when i smoke cigs high i feel a more intense high for a short period of time. if you feel sick your body does not react well to cigs or you are not used to a nicotine buzz. Chew will also intensify your buzz and is my personal fav over cigs which are more harmful. lung cancer or mouth cancer; your choice bra.
  13. Yeah i enjoy i cig after blazin but yeah it sometimes does make me tired.:smoking:
  14. A smoke when high is sooo amazing, godamn I want a smoke :(
  15. I love a cig after a nice bowl, the nicotine buzz definitelly adds to your high.
  16. Uh, you guys must not smoke cigs regularly, from what I can tell.

    I smoke like, 1/2 a pack a day normally, an it dosen't matter if I'm stoned/drunk/whatever it dosen't enhance anything.

    If I don't smoke them for like 2-3 days, and then smoke one, you get that "body high" type headrush you are talking about, sober or not.

    But do what you do, it just dosen't work for me :p
  17. I love not smoking for a couple days then smoking a cig, the rush is amazing.
  18. I read somewhere that if you smoke a cigg before you smoke it gets you higher because one of the 600 odd additives is chocolate which dilates your lungs alowing more THC to be absorbed. :smoking:
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    I never had the OP's problem, but Im addicted to cigarettes. They have always made me feel more high, or if coming down have helped to sober me up. Its hard to limit myself to one cigarette an hour when high, but when sober I can have as little as one every five hours (on average maybe one every three hours but five hours is tolerable).

    That would be nice to try, if I could go two days without a cigarette. Two days without a cig sounds like hell, with how miserable I know I would be.

  20. fuck ive been smoking for about 7 years but cigs still make me tired sometimes when im blazed as hell.

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