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Discussion in 'General' started by phisher_man, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Everyone knows the best thing to top off a bowl is a square. What kinda squares you smoke?

    My first choice is Camel Turkish Royals.... :)
  2. well, ever since i started tokin, i was taught to always smoke a cig after you blaze cuz it keeps you blazed longer, weather or not that's true, I don't know but it's always become a habbit and to me, it feels damn good. :)
  3. "Everyone knows the best thing to top off a bowl is a square."

    and I always thought the best thing to top it off was a can of cherry pepsi that's been sitting in the fridge all day..
  4. I feel ya on that Phisher, I don't think thats true but I was told that to. Thus its now a habit of mine, it's the best cig of the day besides the first one. Wait I always wake n bake so my first one is after weed.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! that was a good cig.... Ooo somethin shiny...
  5. Marlbro mediums.
  6. Marlboro 27 Blend!
  7. people say to smoke tobacco after pot because tobacco is a stimulant and pot has some depressant qualties. It's kinda the same effect of doing a line of coke and then drinking alcohol.
  8. it's all a ploy by the tobacco companies to get stoners to smoke ciggarettes. hey i can speculate

    i always thought the best thing after a good puff down was another. although a cherry pepsi sounds pretty damn good
  9. I haven't like Marlboro tobacco from the beginning. I think it has a nasty taste and its more harsh. Camel's products are much better. :)

  10. Here here!
  11. I used to smoke Marlboro lights. For 9 years. I've been smoking on a tabacco pipe for the last month or so. I love it! Much better of a smell, and the taste of high quality tobacco is out of this world.
  12. tobacco's bad for health.

    I smoke weed.
  13. ya, i like the camels too, always nice

  14. Those were my cigarette of choice, too. Oh man, do I miss them :(

    I hope they still sell them when this baby is born.
  15. congrads on the baby, but keep it healthy!! mabey as a edition to the city one day.. not lets not get ahead of ourselves...
  16. r you NICK PHISHER from GR

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