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Cigs or coffee for energy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chickensupreme, Mar 24, 2012.

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    I,v been very curious about this as a non smoker and would like to hear an opinion of yall that do both. How does the energy levels compare, which would you choose on a all nighter? Lets put the health factor aside for just this one as i think we all know cigs are way worse for you. Thanks! :wave:

    Is it the nicotine that keeps you up also?
  2. don't smoke tobacco so its coffee and tea for me. maybe a redbull once in a while.
  3. I am an ex smoker. I never found cigarettes to have much of a energy effect.
  4. Nicotine is a stimulant and causes the synapses to fire off lots of impulses.

    Personally I've never found smokes to have a long lasting energy effect. Caffine, however, will keep me jacked for hours.
  5. I see, i can relate too cuz the only cig i ever had made me feel dizzy and lethargic. No idea why many people say they use it to substitute coffee.
  6. Coffee AND cigarettes = pure gold
  7. My fiancé smoke a cigarette with coffee for breakfast every morning to get her going. I'd say coffee tho definitely, I think the cigs just calm her nerves
  8. Man if weed was legalized it'd be a cig and coffee every morning for me haha but yea caffeine seems to have a greater and safer effect but every smoker i see is pretty fit, so the metabolism thing bout cigs is somewhat effective?
  9. Strong coffee.I don't really find that cigarettes & regular coffee give you energy. Most of the time when i'm drinking coffee I really want a cig lol they go hand in hand. If you don't smoke then don't bother having a cig with coffee.
  10. Neither is good for energy.

    I do both, but tobacco is addiction, coffee just tastes good in the morning or whenever it's cold.

    For energy, I get sleep. Roughly 5-6 hours is perfect. It's free and shit works.

    But say you're 'thug life' and partied all night, those 5 hour energy drinks can help, don't expect an increase of energy, it ONLY brings you to normal levels.

    Monster type energy drinks work, but you're drinking sugar, and some random chemical you don't know about.
  11. Yeah i was considering them for studying all niters, caffeine really makes you crash and ur right its doesn't make me feel more energetic just less lethargic. But i gotta keep drinking or else i crash lol.
  12. I like to get seeds out of a hot chilli and put 5 or 6 on my tongue, wakes me up far better than coffee.
  13. Vitamin b 12. Stay natural brah :)
  14. Check out some ephedra. Shit is awesome. Legal in most state not Cali though. Doesn't mean they won't ship it. It's a work out pill. It's not a drug so don't you all get all but hurt
  15. Ahhaha thanks for the creative suggestions lol, gonna try them out! Natural all the way :)

  16. actually

    Coffee + Cigs = trip to bathroom. Always makes me have to shit.
  17. nicotine is a stimulant but its not an "I'm gonna run around and do shit" shit stimulant, its more of an "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit, now I can think straight" thing. Plus when you take a nice big drag your body releases opioid peptides or some shit.
  18. I don't see how cigs give you energy, they actually make me kinda tired
  19. smoke half a gram - 0.8 of sativa it will keep you awake =P. and be safer than either of those. =)

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