Cigs make me sick?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Crownic, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. The first half of a smoke feels great, then after that it all goes downhill, and for like the next hour afterwards I feel like shit... Is it because I'm so new to smoking? Should I maybe just smoke half instead? Im smoking Canadian classics, which I don't really like as much as the other ones I smoked..
  2. Oh I forgot to mention, it makes me feel like I was to puke but I cant... And I even felt horrible this morning after smoking one last night
  3. try different cigs, go light. but most importantly make sure you dont have blood pressure problems,
  4. I don't wanna sound like the douche saying don't do grugs, but if they make you sick already you may wanna consider quitting before it's too late.

  5. But I LOVE the feeling of them before it goes bad. I've had other ones that were much better, I think its just this brand.
  6. Dont go down that route man.

    Ive seen my friends get slowly addicted. It starts off with nah I wont get addicted. And ends up with man I really need to stop smoking (next day theyre puffing)
  7. A lot of times a shittyness can be chemically induced. I hate to burst your love for the feeling but it goes away unless you start smoking much stronger cigarettes which lead to a much stronger addiction. I love Lucky Strikes, if you can get those in Canada, I'd recommend it.
  8. You're body isn't used to all the nicotine from a cig yet. It'll get used to it shortly as long as you keep smoking the whole thing
  9. I'm just saying I never heard of anyone having physical problems from tobacco when they're just starting, and if they're already doing that shit to you then you might get fucked in the long tem. And if you already know it's just the brand then why'd you start this thread.

  10. this:)

  11. too true man.

    my buddy was the same way. just saying i just like to smoke.. im not addicted.

    guess what as soon as his first pack was done, AWWW im craving a smoke.

    thats how you know when your friends are addicted, when they run out and realized that they made a dumb choice
  12. This, I've gone through it too, leaves after awhile. I have puked from just smoking 1! I couldn't really believe it. I have a really bad "thing" with nicotine I guess. All times I've dipped[3 times] I've puked everywhere - and I don't swallow anything.
  13. I was a smoker for 3 years and then after one particularily nasty hangover quit for good.
    the sickness stayed in my head
  14. Maybe I'll just smoke half a cig then, it just seems so wasteful... I think I will try lucky strikes next actually I've heard really good things about them
  15. eventually you wont even feel the buzz anymore
    but you will continue smoking them
    and you wont even know why

    everyday your gonna tell ppl that you want/will quit smoking soon, but you will continue smoking even tho it tastes bad, and you really dont want to

    ive started biking recently
    ive really started noticing how much smoking has taken a toll on my lungs
    i want to quit soon
    brb, im gonna go smoke a stoggie
  16. They're such a good smoke man, smooth and very tasteful.
  17. That happened to me every now n then, it'd make me get really lightheaded and sick and sweaty, and i'd have to lay down. It sucks dick. It happened first when I smoked a 100 n had just started smoking, so yeah, it's from too much nicotine.
  18. I wont lie, there is a strong possibility that that will be me. But I seriously hate everything about cigs except for how they feel and how cool I look.. The smell on my hands and my shirt and mouth and everything is just soooo bad after a cig. So hopefully this will only be a phase I go through
  19. If you hate so much about them then you should ask yourself why your doing it, and is it really worth it?
  20. its not a phase its a life choice

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