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Ciggrets and chillum?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thatrooper515, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So ive got 2 queations well 3. Ciggrets ive been smoking em for about 2 years now and its always been menthols like always i hated anything else. Last week i switched to marbol mediums 100s. Thts far from a menthol so why the chane? I like love em now but used to hate em. ?
    Second i have a chillum and a metal pipe. Ive always used a screen on my METAL pipe cus if not tons of ash in the mouth. But i started using my chillum more and i relized it dont need a screen. Why is it that glass donesnt require a screen and my metal did? The holes are the exact same size.
    And last how would i make a signature or advatar? Im using an old ipod touch btw. No home pc but tyanks for any help!:smoke:
    PS. Ive smoke weed an ciggets the same amout of time always a menthol after smoking. Now a medium sober or high.
  2. 1. dude i used to switch what i smoked like every other day. now its either newports or camel wides. those are the shiiiit

    2. well im no scientist im just high. but it seems like resin builds up stickier and faster on glass than on metal shit. Idk maybe the metal slippery when its hot and the glass isnt

    3.just go up to the top right, just to the right of where it says like WELCOME, THATTROOPER515!. click my account. then scroll down the left side of the page that comes up until you see Edit Avatar and Edit Signature under the Settings and Options column
  3. So either English isn't your first language or you were really baked when you typed that because it was hella hard to understand but I'll take a shot at answering.

    1. No one can really tell you why you changed cigarettes. Tastes change. I wouldn't worry about it
    2. I'm not sure what it is either, could be the angle you hold a chillum at but it's usually the same story with any glass vs pipe.
    3. Just on an Ipod? Well, you might be able to find someone to make one for you? Otherwise I got no clue.
  4. Peoples tastes change, you tried a different kind and you liked it, nothing more to say.
  5. Complete sentences are your friend.
  6. dude i love camel crushes for a menthol n turkish golds if im in tha mood 4 a non menthol...tha golds r so fuckin sweet lookin 2 it looks like a rlly badass cig n tha butt wrapper always seems to trip me out wen im high ahaha

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