Ciggerette threads..... Why so many?

Discussion in 'General' started by Captainbasch420, May 4, 2011.

  1. Why? Theres like 10.
  2. No idea man, my opinion.. Camel menthols , Djarums or GO HOME. Many peopke on this site wonder why other people smoke cigs. others wonder what their favorit brandsa are
  3. I blame nicotine.
  4. Ciggerettes killed my father, then they raped my mother.
  5. I gotta agree with you there sonny.

    I smoked since I was 17 and finally quit on March 27th. I always used to participate in the threads but since then I tend to dislike them, as well as the smell of cigarette smoke and anything cigarette-related.

    They took my father from me, so FUCK cigarettes anyway.
  6. to be honest its kids dude like teenagers, I don't give a fuck what anyone else smokes I smoke marlbro 27's thats the only ciggarette I think about. Kids look at cigs like strains lol what cigs do you smoke dude lol? I dk its silly a cig's a cig. and Djarums are nasty they just look cool cuz they are black, why smoke cloves ugggggghh
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    I love your avatar thngie muh jigga.

  8. thanks jigga blade :cool:
  9. The addiction part is what makes a cig a cig regardless of brand. Nicotine is a very underestimated chemical.

  10. Its a unique taste to me. Doesn't taste like any other cig i've ever smoked.

    In my opinion, i think most teenagers smoke to rebel against society. "YOU MUST BE 18 TO BUY THESE" i think its a rebelllion thing, kids saying "Fuck age , i'll do what i want" But then they actually get addicted to the nicotine. and they Have to smoke And dude, have you ever smoked real Djarums? Not that shit you can buy in America because Obama banned them. I order the real shit from India
  11. I dont like tobacco, but i smoke black n milds sometimes when im not able to smoke herb, it just keeps me from being bored.
    But i havent had any in a while, cuz i dont wanna be addicted.
  12. It's a popular topic.
  13. well I have had most experience with djarum blacks sold in us recently banned uggggh. however my boy akash once came back from india with a shit load of indian ciggarette lookin things they looked like mini little joint blunt ciggarette looking things tasted nothing like cloves and were alright.... I was on some funny chemicals sooo anything would have been cool at that point but those are definitly better than the djarum blacks Id smke those little weird things again for sure....

  14. Im sorry you lost your father....... I can't even begin to comprehend what that must have been like... stay strong and ur right FUCK ciggarettes..

    just some love from a stranger..
  15. smokin weed and nicotine
  16. poppers all day
  17. You just added to that number of cigarette threads lol :)
  18. and you just made another one...some people

  19. When you say "a cig's a cig" do you mean that? Like when you're craving a cigarette you could smoke anything? Like even a Newport? Sincere question--- I'm jw because I've never heard someone who smokes regularly say "a cig's just a cig"
  20. why are there so many weed threads :eek:

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