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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VictoryUsername, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. I've always been confused about what the difference between Dutch Masters cigars and others like Games, Swishers, Phillies, White Owls etc. I know some are cigarillos, but besides that, they're still cigars with an outer leaf and an inner right? I've always used Dutches for blunts, so I just wanted to clarify the difference.
  2. dutch masters and games are the only ones in ur list that u have to take the outer leaf off of. the others you just crack dump and roll
  3. you dont "have to" take the outer leaf off of dutches or games..
    they can be cracked down the middle just like white owls, phillies etc..

  4. First and foremost, my advice is to try all of the different types of blunts and see what you like the best. From My experience swisher sweet cigarillo's would have to be the best. I've done some traveling in the US and almost everywhere i can find a fresh swisher. On that note, I'll give you my unbiased opinions of the different kinds of blunts

    There's the green leaf blunts, which i'll start with, that are like your dutchmasters, Game, Dutch Master, And Garcia Vega are the biggest around here. These are the blunts where the outside paper is an actual tobacco leaf. There's the "veins" in this just like a leaf and all. These are really good because the leaf makes them burn really slow. This is good for alot of obvious reasons. The bad thing about these blunts is that when they're stale, you might as well hang it up. The leaf cracks and breaks super easy. It's a gamble buying these unless u know for sure they're fresh (you smoke enough to keep the blunt stop circulated with fresh ones lol). Also, these blunts are harsher, and affect the taste of the bud. Another note... you do not have to take the leaf off of these blunts. YOU CAN SPLIT THEM AND ROLL EM JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BLUNT. You just have to be a little more careful if you crack them open with your thumbs.

    Next, you have pretty much the rest of the blunts (except for wraps which i'll get to). Swishers, Phillies, White Owls, Optimo's etc. There's alot more but these are the main few. These are the cigars, that are two layered, but the outside layer isn't so much like a leaf. They are very easy to split, and even when stale are managable to roll. You can find these alot more places than the green leaf blunts too. They aren't as harsh and don't affect the taste as much either. The down side is that these burn faster than the green leafs, and run more easily (on a poorly rolled b).

    Next you have Wraps, which come in little foil pouch things. They are one layer, and come in a TON of different flavors. These burn faster than the regular blunts, making them the fastest burning yet. They rip easily too, making them not good to the rookie roller. I think the wrap shines when you want to roll up a real fat boy, eigth or better. I really don't prefer these but a well rolled wrap is nice.

    If i forgot your favorite brand, by all means give it a shout out. I was just high and wanted to give a basic little blunt run down. I've been around the city doin research for a while now, but really haven't posted much, so i suppose i'm using this as an intro thread too. So, HIGH everybody. Hope this thread gets some size to it.... I love blunts.
  5. Thanks for the help.
    I've only used Dutches (besides the occasional wrap), so I was considering buying a case of Swishers or Phillies. I'll give it a shot.
  6. Dutch Masters and Games (made by Garcia y Vega) are usually known as natural leaf cigars, not green leaf (though both companies produce green leaf cigars).

    Just clarifying part of the post above.
  7. If you havent tried games i really recommend you give them a try, imo they are the best even today i bought a ducth cause they didnt sell single games and the outer leaf was breakin and not comin off so i ended up goin out and gettin a game which was fresh and rolled soo much better and bruned real slow. if your deciding between swisher or phillies id go swisher because, atleast in my area, phillies are usually pretty dry but swisher rillos roll nicely.
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