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Discussion in 'General' started by Amentia, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. I'm looking to buy a box of cigars, like a really good cigar. I was looking some stuff up, and so far 2 brands have my interest...
    Don Diego and Punch Cigars...
    No they aren't to use to roll blunts... Cuban cigars aren't sold in the US so if anyone here smokes cigars, give me the downlow... I like mild to medium hit stuff... good taste, etc... just something chillen.....
    any help?
  2. don't know anything about cigars but that is a bizzar new av you have there. i like it.
  3. only cigars i really smoke are black n milds..they arent considered good cigars probably..like 49 cents per cigar..but they are good....

    i like the avatar too....thats all i really wanted to say, but had to think of something to be kinda on topic:p
  4. yea I consider black n milds ciggies kinda..they are great after a few tokes tho..

    n yep, the avatar is fittingly freaky
  5. id call em cigarillos.
  6. lets just call it


    dont them thinks have armor?
    I wish i had built in armor :(
  7. i wish i had a blowjob
  8. i couldn't help but notice the lyric you have from Placebo... to tell you the truth, i don't know too many people who like them at all...
  9. whos got the lyric?
  10. stylez1877 does
  11. a friend with weed is a friend indeed

    i guess ive never heard them.
    ive always thought it was just a saying.
  12. eh..? me too...never heard of placebo.
  13. too big signature, please make smaller, it is slowing the forums.

    maybe thats from there song..lol
    if so that must be why not many people like em :p
  14. Placebo: Pure Morning

    " A friend in need is a friend indeed
    A friend with weed is better"
  15. thanks, i wasn't entirely sure if that was the correct line or whatever, but it was similar.
    so im not crazy! Woo hoo!!
  16. a friend with me, is weed
  17. i smoked a Cohiba once, Cuban made... but they aren't sold in the US, you can buy them and bring them into the country, but they can't be sold.

    I heard about Punch, actually a lot of people have recommended punch. Im just wondering if they will be as chilled as the cohiba.

    Do you know about domincan Cohibas? If they are any good?
  18. get a Romeo y Julieta Double Corona. that thing is HUGE

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