Cigarillos or Wraps?

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  1. cigarillos or wraps? i heard that swishers are easy to roll. (never rolled one) and the only wrap i ever rolled was a Royal. but tell me which one you prefer and the brand you use. :) thanks
  2. youll thank me later

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  3. If the choice is between a cigarillo or a wrap, I say cigarillo every time.
  4. wraps all i use
  5. I would def say cigarello..but i just love hand crackin my shit...
  6. I love wraps for mids just because of the flavors and conveinience, but always a gutted cigar for anything worth while putting in it.
  7. Cigar/rillo over wraps any day. Hate those things.
  8. cigarillos, mainly white owls. Gotta be fresh!
  9. Both are simple :) I do prefer swishers though lol
  10. blueberry juicy jay rolling papers are my favorite.

    some people dont like them but i find them to be the same as any other paper
    and i find that the smell is just exilerating.

    just saying

  11. I like cotton candy :D they're bright blue paper that looks amazing when it's all resined up
  12. White Owl White Grape Cigarillos, they have a nice oil texture, easy to roll and burn slow. Smoke on blade.
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    im sorry but i fucking hate raw papers
  14. Neither.. Smoke papers all day long.. You'll thank me later.. Get yourself some zig zag thins.. They burn just as long as a blunt
  15. Real men don't use wraps. Swishers all the way

  16. me too I threw away the pack I bought. pieces of shit.:mad:
  17. white grape white owl
  18. Care to explain D: ?

    I'd prefer a cigarillo btw :) .
  19. cigarellos for me sir. Wraps are a bit harder for me to roll and burn a little bit faster.
  20. grape swishers and honey green leaf dutches are the way to go, both cheap, and both yummy:yummy:

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