cigarillos from the convenience store

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  1. are cigarillos similar to cigars where u dont inhale them? also how addicting are they if u do it casually? im scared of the addiction but whats wrong with enjoying tobacco once in a while
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  2. cigarellos are a smaller/ skinnier version of a bigger cigar. They CAN be addicting lol but most stoners rather use bongs pipes and vapes. I roll up Entourages myself daily...not sure if im addicted but they last longer than anything i've used before so its worth the accidental addiction to me.
    I wouldnt smoke a cigarello right out the wrapper though. Harsh! Cigs are better for a lack of a better word.
  3. When I do try to smoke those things with the tobacco in it, I just can't. I've only done it like once or twice. Go for it, but if you're not a cigarette smoker and don't plan on it and don't want to be one, don't expect to enjoy it too much either. Unfortunately, in my opinion, I find nicotine doesn't really provide much of a high, and what high it does provide is certainly not worth it all, because it goes away in like seconds. Sometimes you can get a few minutes out of it if you're lucky. Me, I like long periods of being buzzed/high and I want it to be the marijuana high, nothing else. I'm alcohol-free.
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  4. im a daily blunt smoker, and i do feel like it causes me to smoke more than i should be. if you want the blunt experience without the nicotine try the hemp blunt wraps
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  5. Addiction is only scary if you can afford to be scared all the time. If your wallet can't sustain it, no need to worry about it.

    In the long run you will find the weed you put inside the wrap to be much more beneficial than the wrap itself.

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