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Cigarillos and stuff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stinkystink, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I know there are alot of different opinions on what blunts to use and im high as shit so i was wondering...

    between games, white owls, swishers (and whatever blunt you smoke that i forgot) which ones do you think burn the best overall? between simplicity to crack with your thumb (if anyone else still does that -____-) and roll...whats your favorite?
  2. To be clear, theres a difference between a cigarillo and a cigar. That being said, i've smoked every brand there is. And to be honest, not a big difference in burn rate. People always rant about this burns slower or that, but if you know how to roll properly you can control how long your blunt burns regardless of what youre using. As far as taste goes, I love white owls. They dont have a chemical taste like wraps do. Games/Garcias...absolutely awful. Garcias taste like you're smoking a cigarette, and i've dubbed Games "noob" cigars, because of their thickness and easyness to roll. Dutch masters are always a neutral choice as well :smoke:

    Btw, I just crack it and gut it too. Used to mummy wrap, but now with this simple method i roll better blunts in half the time my friends do. Keep rollin man!
  3. i just hype the swishers and replace tobacco with weed. but i hate blunts, i only bust them out when people request them.
  4. If you're a boss: Backwoods

    Easy to roll with: Dutch Master, White Owl

    Personal favorite: Wonderberry cyclone - prewrapped cone blunt wrap with dankalocious wooden tip.
  5. best overall: Philly Titans

    easiest to roll: White cats

    fuck swishers :smoke:
  6. Strawberry white owls.
  7. I can't stand flavored blunts and wraps. stonerbro is right game blunts taste like shit(thought i was the only one who thought so). and rasta haze is also right if you're a boss... backwoods, though they can be harsh at times. The vanilla dutches/cigarillos do it for me. everytime i buy a philly or whiteowl its usually brick hard and the outer wrap falls apart.
  8. I like to just buy blunt wraps. Like Platinum and Zig Zags are good. Gin n Juice flavor is the shit.
  9. Honey Dutchiessssssssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Get blunted.
  10. I love White Owl Grape Rillos.

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