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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganja100, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I'm not new to smoking by any means. I just wanted to know if and how I could smoke weed by taking the tobacco out of a cig and putting in the weed. Any tips are appreciated. Random side note-i've never smoked a cig in my life and don't intend to.
  2. Sure, I do it all the time so I can smoke a joint walking around campus without drawing much attention. Just roll the tobacco out, fill it with weed, and viola! Filtered joint.
  3. yeah but its usually a bitch to keep the empty cigarette paper tube stable when filling it up with weed....deja vu...:smoke:
  4. does the filter hav any effect on getting high? thats what im wondering..
  5. yes you can.

    my other half likes to use a tobacco mj blend...
  6. yes...a negative one
  7. you vgotta remove the filter
  8. Eh, not really for me. Guess I'm just more careful ;).

    Not a noticeable one, if at all, IMO. But I roll my own joints most of the time, so this doesn't really bother me lol.
  9. ight here she is:

    hot to roll a j with a cig:

    empty tabacco by twisting cigarette till she all comes out.
    then chop of your weed very fine the finer the easier, then take a little bit of weed in your hand, and grab the fliter of your cig and scoop up a little bit of weed into the cigarette and pack it down as you go along with something that fits inside the cig without breaking it, you gotta take it slow and its kinda a bitch

    also i found cigarellos have tougher paper and work amazingly for this method, easier to make and better tasting.

    also you need to poke a whole in the filter with a needle or scissors or the fliter will prevent the thc from entering your body. i used a screw and screwed about halfway up the filter then unscrewed it so it doesnt demolish the filter but still creates a passageway
  10. Just do the best you can. You'll get the hang of it.
  11. The filter of a cigarette actually lowers the THC content you'll be getting, but you'll still get high either way, so I guess it's up to you.

    Personally I've gotten good enough at rolling joints that it's hard to tell that I'm not smoking a cigarette. The only thing that really gives it away is the smell. I even add my own filter by rolling up a strip of paper (paper sturdy enough that it won't flatten out) and I put it in my pack of cigarettes.
  12. you gotta use a pencil to pack it....but dont pack it tooooo tight
  13. Maybe cut the filter so it's half the length (or even a bit less) so that you don't filter too much stuff out but you still don't get the weed in your mouth.

  14. fuck

  15. *passes the pipe*...nice n unfiltered....:smoke:
  16. It's really not a certain thing. People swear that it decreases THC; others swear just as convincingly that it doesn't do anything but filter out the bad shit in smoke. It's not like there have been any scientific studies on it, so it's hard to be certain. A friend of mine who has smoked for decades thinks that it makes no difference. I've never noticed a difference. But keep an open mind - if there is a filtering of some of the THC, it's definitely going to be minimal. Probably not even noticeable.
  17. You can remove the filter and insert a crutch instead.

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