Discussion in 'General' started by Happyguy, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Ok,

    For all of you who smoke cigarettes, what i sthe best cigarette of the day and what brand do you smoke?

    Just wondering here.
  2. I don't smoke very much at all, but Lucky Strikes are pretty rad. Camel Wides and Phillip Morris regulars are good too if you want a lot of tobacco. I've heard that Newport's are especially good after pot.
  3. I usually smoke when I'm drinking and try not to do it otherwise. I normally smoke Camel Lights. Sometimes I'll pick up a pack of Parliament Lights. Every once in a while I'll grab a pack of Swisher "Little Cigars" and those last me for a while.
  4. Somtimes when i'm drunk i smoke, either lambert and butler or mayfair.
  5. funny, when i smoke tobacco while drinking, it makes me want to throw up. actually i smoked a marlboro red some years ago and it made me throw up, i wasn't high or drunk or anything..
  6. I always smoked Kool Milds after some herb, just made me feel.. greater.
  7. Turkish Royals...when I wake up, after meals, after smoking, various times in between, before I go to bed. LOL
  8. Ooooh. Cowboy Killers. My room mate smokes those sometimes.
  9. camel menthol lights after tokin. I heard Menthol raises your high 33%
  10. parliment lights...... either before i go to sleep or after i smoke....

    i plan on quitting rather soon though..... possibly the worst habbit i have ever chosen to take up.
  11. i smoke marlboro lights...i really wanna quit though

    best cigarette of the day is after my first high of the day for feels like a great comfort and ritual..also the cigarette after sex is probably second best
  12. i only smoke bud, thats it
  13. i used to smoke benson an hedges special light's or dumarier light or regs, but im goin 17 day so far cold turkey without em , n fuk does it ever get rough, ahh well, one day at a time
  14. Marlboro 27 Blend
    Smooth, Rich, Mellow, the best cigarettes ever
  15. I usually smoke Turkish Royals. Lately I have cut backa lot and I only smoke when I'm high, or after sex. If it isn't Turkish Royals it's Turkish Jades. I guess I'm a camel kinda guy lol.
  16. my cousin smokes marlboro reds like 1-2 packs a day. even though it's only 1-2 packs a day, it seems like every 5 minutes he is lighting up a new one. he is THE marlboro man.. i give him shit all the time about being unable to quit.. he started because "a cig after toking gets you higher" and got hooked.
    i think if he could, he would inject the shit.
    his motto is "man.. without cigarettes.. i would be a violent person"
  17. I hope I never smoke that much. Whenever I end up smoking 5 in one day I limit myself to 1 for the next 2 or 3 days.
  18. I used to smoke Marlboro Milds, but then I died.
  19. Newports are great.
  20. Newports are great.

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