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  1. anyone else roll their own? we do and it averages out to about 8 bucks a carton :hello:
  2. I used to at one point, back when I first turned 18 and lived in MI, didn't have a job and cigs were about $5.10 a pack.

    I live down in SC now, so its like 20 a carton for my Marlboros, so I won't be going back to RYO any time soon.
  3. I don't. I buy these imported 100% tobacco cigs that cost $1.45 a pack.
  4. ya i like to roll with samson tobacco its nice to roll spliffs with
  5. It's cheaper, but it just doesn't have that same buzz to it that a regular cigg has. I do like to buy a pouch and keep that around, but for the most part I prefer store bought ciggs. They are nice though for those times that you just want to smoke a bunch in one night when you're partying, or you run out of money for cigarettes.
  6. I like the convenience of Newport 100's.
  7. whats the convenience?:confused::confused:
  8. Fast Pass Lane to Cancer?
  9. I used to, but I just love my Camel Wides just way to much now.
  10. Hahaha newport 100s sounds good right now...I think I'll have a regular newport.
  11. I usually smoke marb reds, but my friend only smokes red bali shag, and I bum those from him a bunch. I've been considering switching over to RYO just because it's so much cheaper (and supposedly healthier).

  12. It is healthier to a point, because most RYO tobacco doesn't have the majority of the chemicals that your big tobacco brands do. With the loss of the chemicals though, you also loose the taste of your favorite cigarette, which is why I see most people start to do RYO, and then go back to buying them from the store.
  13. Well I like the bali shag a lot since I bum them from him all the time. I do know what you're talking about though because I tried switching to RYO before and then switched back to marb reds because I missed the flavor. I guess it's just a matter of finding the closest thing to it. Any recommendations?
  14. Hell yeah, great topic. Since cigs here are $7, I started to MYO and do some personal testing and research. I've tried it before so I already had the injector. I wasn't motivated enough before because I had only tried 1 type of tobacco. But this time around I got wise and tried many different types.

    The absolute KING of strong flavorful cigarettes is Bali Shag. And I'm not talking about harsh. American cigs are harsh...Winston, Marlboro...and American Spirit is super harsh...quality but too harsh.

    When you smoke a Bali...particularly the red know you are smoking something special. Hell, just open the package and you know it's different right away. Very fine cut, no little eyes like with good European tobacco usually has. And VERY moist and fragrant. This is what tobacco is about. Costs me about $20 per carton to make. I could get away with $10 a carton if I used cheaper stuff....but good god you have got to compare Bali Shag with ANYTHING back to back and you'll agree it's worth the little bit more. Especially compared to ANYTHING packaged!

    European/Dutch tobacco is stroooong and tasty.
    American is strong but harsh.
    Turkish is weak in both strength and flavor. It is particularly smooth but then so is air.

    Try it friends. Buy several 2-5 dollar packages of tobacco. $5 for the injector. $4 for a carton of quality tubes (I use Premiere). For just $20 or so you get started saving big. At a pack a day I now pay about 1/3 of what I used to pay...and I'm using super premium tobacco. Once you find one you like...or a blend you might like to make...then you can buy the big cans and save loads.
  15. Haha yeaa, I did it for a little while, it was coming out to $8 a carton, but it was a pain.

    I found tax free menthol cartons for $12 online and figured it was worth the $4 more so I didn't have to roll the fuckers. :rolleyes:
  16. i want a cigar...acutally 2...1 to roll a blunt...and 1 to smoke after the blunt. sounds good.
  17. i roll.and mine is english. old holborn. i love it.and i prefer rolled ciggs to erm..not rolled? :confused_2::D

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