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  1. okay so ive been smoking for awhile and i luv it

    nd then yesterday me nd my friend were smokin nd he offered me a cigarette

    im all for pot but i have my own reasons against cigarettes...

    anyone have any arguments for them?
  2. cigerettes are nasty, my freinds smoke them, and use them for spliffs, i prefer to smoke just weed, theres nothing better than a pure green spliff, cigerettes just destroy the flavour of the smoke, they dont smoke bongs and pipes though so i often find myself being a little more wasted than them,
  3. I just dont like the way they taste
  4. Smoking in general is pleasurable for some people, myself included. I enjoy Djarum Blacks, possibly my favorite smoke.

    But cigarettes are for nervous people. I much rather prefer a quality cigar. Very nice and enjoyable. You bond with your cigars, watching them age in your humidor, and then you wait until the right moment...

    Cut the butt off, and get some wooden matches. You light your perfect seasoned cigar, and admire it as the thick, aromatic smoke fills the area. Just relaxing and puffing on a cigar outside on a nice day....

    It's wonderful.
  5. I never liked grits. I don't have anything against the people who smoke 'em. They've just never been my thing. They taste like shit, and got all those nasty chemicals and whatnot. However, like Spaz, I do enjoy a nice fat cigar (especially those Cuban ones).
  6. Haha I feel ya on them cubans. My pops gave me about 50, and his humidor. He purchased them the day I was born, And I STILL haven't smoked one, lol. Im saving them montecristos.

    As a smoker, I have no animosity towards non-smokers. But when people say shit in public, it annoys me. EVeryone thinks I'm smoking drugs because it is a black cigarette... Stupid people.

    Ask any smoker, they will say " smoking sucks, don't start."

    I never understood that. Just quit if you don't like it. I quit for a month, cold turkey and only the first 3 days were tricky. All my friends smoke, and then I got wasted at a party.... Smoking while you're drunk= the new American Past time, for real.

    I do enjoy rolling a nice spliff, with quality tobacco, however. Conserves some bud, and gives you a nice smooth smoke.
  7. I don't like cigarettes.. or "sin sticks", but I love the occasional cigar. My friend was in Cuba this March Break and brought my friends and I back some Montecristos. Fun to smoke, and I find it pretty relaxing.
    I have found that people say cigarettes calm you down, but really deep breaths help calm you down just as much. Next time you're stressed out just take a few deep breaths and you're gold

  8. i like gunning down tobbacco , i like the feeling of having controll over it, the feeling of just laughing at nicoteen (sp?) addictions is fun, i like to cheat that way, i dunno and also the feeling of lighting a smoke while in cuffs in the back of a cop car

  9. haha yeh, Cigarettes don't help, the nicotine to the addicted does. A nice cigar is amazing. You can just sit back, relax and be yourself. Your mind is clear, and nothing matters... I'm about to go light one of these cubans, haha.
  10. I don't see anything particularly enjoyable in cigarettes.
  11. I've been smoking since I was 15 or 16. It's a nasty habit really.

    However I don't have a problem with people who don't smoke as long as they don't have a problem with me for being a smoker.
  12. I smoke cigs
    I really like to when im stoned. Its really something relaxing to do for me and, weird sounding, but pleasant feeling of inhaling and exhaling the smoke, which almost helps me keep my high going
  13. I'm getting tired of seeing this in the city, cigarettes vs. weed.

    Weed is a combination of a intoxicant/stimulant/psychedelic/depressent.

    Tobacco is a stimulant and a muscle relaxent.

    If anything the argument should be coffee vs. cigarrettes because they are more alike. I drink coffee on and off but when I have to be somewhere early in the morning ciggarettes are more accessiable since it takes about 15 minutes to prepare coffee, and you can light up a ciggarette when tired.

    The reason people smoke tobacco after marijuana is because once your at your "peak" and you smoke a cig you wont be stoned afterwards.

    So stop hating cigarettes! Whether you smoke or not tobacco is still a plant and its still connected to the earth.
  14. I don't really smoke much tobacco like probably a total of loike 10 ciggarettes worth in my life, but they can help you get really fucked up though, cause for me i was drunk and high and smoked a cig before and was spinning like crazy and it was kinda fun, but yeah they are ok i guess not a great expierience alone for me at least fuck this run on sentence.
  15. I smoke reds boy.

    It gets to be a very nasty habit, but it's just something that I enjoy doing. Especially when blazing or drinking.
  16. could you please clear up the part about why people smoke tobacco after marijuana...

    I smoke cigs and a lot of weed I am worried about spending a lot of money on cigs, but I continue to smoke.
  17. "If you have a problem with my smoking I suggest you take a look around at the world in which we live and um... I don't know, shut the fuck up." -Bill Hicks, genious.

    We're all going to die anyway, we are totally impermanent, do whatever you want with yourself, if you like it, all power to you. Plus its so cool.
  18. Ive smoked once or twice but never gave into full blown smoking by peer pressure or anything....i've always known theres 'no point' in starting such a disgusting habbit,.
  19. my favorite thing in the world is after getting baked with my friends is chilling and smoking cigars and just talking about life and sharing our philosophies. its got to be one of my favorite things to do high.
  20. Genius! From now on, I'm going to smoke my coffee grounds and make a nice drink out of my tobacco. Turn the tables around, confuse the markets, CONTINUE THE REVOLUTION!!! Where was I? Right..

    Cigs are good sometimes, coffee is good most of the time, weed is good ALL OF THE TIME!

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