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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Well idk how but I smoke cigs not a lot but not very little maybe a pack a week sometimes less but I didn't like how they tasted at all so I got an e cig which I like much better but people keep saying that its easier to get addicted to an e cig then regular cigs Idk bc I wasn't even addicted to cigs and I've been smokin for 3 months more of a social thing an something to do but I have never felt like I need to smoke tbh I have an urge to smoke bud more than cigs anyone else with this issue
  2. Is there a question? And i dont think their more addictive that just doesnt dound right. I bought herbal cigarettes, no nictotine but they make for a good smoke :)
  3. I have a craving for bud but cigs are nasty and so addictive.  I'm aloud to say that I am currently smoking cigs but I'm running out and I hope to not buy more.  I use to be a social smoker but it's like crack you need more and more.  I read an article on NORML or somewhere about replacing alcohol and cig use with daily pot smoking and how it would extend your life sorry Im crossfaded rite now and cant remember where I saw it.    :smoke:
  4. Yes my question was does anyone else smoke and not get addicted also I bought my e cig just to smoke on and play around with and I have had it over a month and no addiction either I don't understand why people get addicted so easily
  5. i sused to be like this to  a pac swould last me a week or longer now its about a carton a week and worse if ive been drink or smoking sbud throughout the week if ive been doing either ill easily go through 2 packs  night
  6. I've just quit cigs cold turkey and have had no problems. I usually smoke when I'm on a t break like now. for 3 months I was a heavy daily toker and smoked no cigs, now I smoke like a pack every 2 days maybe 3.
  7. That's the exact reason I smoke is when I have nothing to do I'm on a two week t break which ends this Friday :) ( not high tolerance at all ) I bought an e cig cause there so much cheaper and they come on FLAVORS!!! I prefer bud over nicotine but when there's nothing to do smoke is smoke
  8. I'm so happy to say that I ve got over my cig addiction problem very very easily. Marijuana helped me leave it. I just smoke the herb now ! Clean for more than 2 months.
  9. FUCK cigarettes. FUCK addiction. FUCK cancer, heart disease, and unfitness.

    I just got Smoke Free Non-nicotine cigarettes and so far, so good. I've gone 4 days no nicotine, hoping after a few more days I can throw these shitty cigs away and be cig free.
  10. Weeds are better and herbs too
  11. I was a pretty light smoker when i smoked too. Never got very addicted to them but I could definitely feel slight cravings after smoking many days in a row and then not smoking the next day.
    I started smoking an e cigarette and fucking LOVED it. Eventually decided to completely cut cigs since they were negatively affecting my health. It was incredibly easy for me to switch to the e-cig from cigarettes, because I simply enjoy the e-cig more. It feels 1000000x healthier, you still get the visible effect of breathing a smoke-like gas, you still get the sensation of inhaling substance and you still receive nicotine. It can be used indoors and doesn't make you stink. All of these factors made me absolutely love the e-cig.
    The problem with all these benefits is that it still has nicotine in it, and since the consequences of using the e-cig are far less severe than analogue cigarettes, i tend to use the e-cig a little too much. This resulted in me becoming much more addicted to the e-cig than i ever was to cigarettes.
    Eventually the atomizer on my e-cig broke and i was forced to quit nicotine cold turkey since i have no way of getting a replacement atomizer for a week or two. The cravings were intense since I was used to puffing on this thing all day. The fact that it isn't too unhealthy caused me to form ridiculous habits around the vape, which came back to bite me in the butt when i couldnt use the vape anymore.
    Remember it's the nicotine that is addictive, so both cigarettes and e-cigs both have the potential to be just as addicting as the other, it's all about how you use them.
  12. I didn't smoke cigs too much before I went on probation, but once it started, so did my cigarette use. I go through a pack every 4-5 days, which is actually slowing down considered I was going through them every 2-3 days a month ago. Meh, I plan on not having any tobacco in my life once I'm off probo, and it looks like it's going well so far.
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    Herbal cigarettes? you are risking cancer just for the smoke? If you are going to risk it at least have it give you something back.

    I can see the ads
    "all the carcinogens, no effect"

    btw i wasn't promoting cigs up there I meant weed.
    maryjane is the only herb that goes into my cigs""
  14. okay first of all e cigs are better for you its vapor instead of smoke the its pure niccotine which is less addicting to tabbacco which contains more than 70 making cancer cells (apartently)
    Unless it's just a blunt wrap, that's perfectly fine! Or a nice higher end cigar on a special occasion.
  16. I only use them occtionaly to fatten up my joints if im low on bud. Its been a month since a bought a pack of 20 and ive only used 5. Chillcout man, im as against cigs as much as anybody else, i hate the things!
  17. Just do what you want. I smoke and I like it. I can enjoy cigarettes. When I die you can bet I'll have a red in my mouth.
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