Cigarettes= yucky

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  1. I have a couple friends who smoke cigarettes and one day when i was hanging around with them i asked for a cigarette and smoked about half of it. I got a pretty cool buzz but it didnt last long. I dont understand why people get so addicted to this stuff
  2. well its physically addicting.
    but i get ur point, its gross. until you get used to it. then its not gross. cept what u hock up every morning. that's still gross.
  3. For some... its just not a desirable taste

    For me, my first cig was like smoking fucking the sweet nectar of jesus, weed would be the sweet nectar of all creation in that case, but you know what i mean lol

    I liked it from cig 1......

    Then... it turned on me... i dont even like smoking very much anymore, but i keep getting urges.....

    Ive gone from a pack a day, to 2-3 a day, so im very much so succeeding in quitting.... its just cutting down from the bare minimum i have trouble with... i cant seem to get down to just 1 a day... then 0

    But, i made my decrease from a pack a day to 2-3 in only 6 months (seems long, for quitting, trust me, it takes some people YEARS to go from a pack a day, to half a pack)

    Wish me luck lol... soon here is the time that will come when i stop all together

    Skyrim has actually been helping... i get too distracted to give a fuck
  4. Good luck with quiting ;)
  5. yep. i'm a fan of roll your owns tho
  6. I quit this summer and it was awful. After day five or six it feels like you can't breathe cause you have so much more mucous production. Blech
  7. its wierd for me..ill get a pack, smoke some one night then the next day im fine. Like yesterday..i went snowboarding and ended up smoking 7 that day, then today i smoked 0, didnt even feel like one. i guess it just depends on what im doing, but i have pretty good self control.
  8. I thought you meant going from a pack a day to 2-3 packs a day and I was all :confused::confused:

    But have you considered an ecig? All my cigarette smoking friends have gotten them and they love them. I know a buddy who does reviews for them and gets free ecig units (AND GOT A FREE VAPOR BROTHERS WTH) as a result. It doesn't really help you quit per se, just makes the quitting process a bit more healthy

  9. Hahaha thanks

    Lots of people dont really realize, saying good luck is a good thing

    The usual response "good, that shit is so bad for you, i cant believe you started"

    That makes me nervous, or stressed, which then makes me want a cig.... and it does NOT help lol

    The worst is eating.... i want a nice handroll after i eat....

    so for the first few weeks my body fought back and wouldnt let me fill my stomach lol... and now, i also dont get CRAZY munchy feelings when im baked... i think part of the munchy attacks were my body saying "feed me, then i get a cig, like always"

    So im winning on 2 fronts lol
  10. Yeah, cigarettes suck. I got this one guy in my class that is always smoking when the class goes out for a walk around the solar panels that are being set up to see how it's done and I always have to walk far away from him so I don't get my lungs messed up by his cancer smoke. Jogging is a big part of my life, I don't want my lungs getting messed up.
  11. I used to love em but now i cant stand them.
  12. You get used to them, then you cant put them down
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    I had an e-cig, and i get why they work for a lot of people... but my body just LOVES nicotine too much. I quit cigs for 3 days straight, no questions asked with the e-cig... then a few days go by.... i had a cig..... then the ecig woul help, but after a few mins... i just wanted a cig even more than i did before....

    I found with me, nicotine is the issue on top of the mental addiction to the cig, like i was saying, i dont even enjoy smoking anymore.... but i get the urges, i get halfway through the cig and im like... ugh.... fuck this and i go inside lol

    Ive gone beyond the point of putting something in my mouth and smoking it, i need the thing to burn..... i need to to eventually be done burning lol i would just sit and puff the ecig for like.. 30 mins man... it was just making my addiction worse... i even tried the no nic catridges.... and i found myself smoking a cig after the ecig lol...

    Great inventions... just dont get all the mental addictions, and its all good. I think since most of my cig smoking happened in a drug fueled rampage after high school though ,its gone deeper than an e cig can go

    EDIT: and for all those people that figure im some old guy who has been smoking for decades.... Im 22, and ive been smoking since 15, it can, and will happen to you if you start, so dont fucking bother

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