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cigarettes raise tolerance for herbs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanjaKilla, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. what do yall think...
    jus like the more weed you smoke, the more tolerance to weed you have... will smoking alot of cigarettes help raise weed tolerance?
  2. no they are two different drugs.
  3. No its 2 different substances, tobacco and weed.
    Smoking a cig while you're high will make the high different for a bit, but I find theres more of a burnout. Also, welcome to the city :)
  4. How old are you?

    Are you aware that you FAIL?
  5. Are you aware that you're a DICK?

  6. The entire "apprentice toker" section failes dawg... no need to point out a specific person

  7. Are You Aware That Your A Lame
    Ya lucky this is the internet, ya wouldn't even think of sayin that to my face
    eat a dick bitch
    Ya prolly look like a fukin fail
  8. Im not asking if smoking bogeys after smoking weed allows you to smoke more weed.

    For a person who smokes bogeys: Can the fact that they smoke alot of cigarettes
    help raise they're tolerance to weed even its just a little bit. they may b two different substances but they're both smoked.
  9. dude its straight welcome to gc dont let people being dicks to you just ignore them

    welcome to gc again
    keep tokin:smoking:
  10. Don't Get Me Wrong Im Not New To Smokin. I Been Smokin Weed Since 13.
    But since I Don't Smoke Stogies and never will, i prolly cant find this out for myself...
    so i decided to ask...
  11. he was talking to the person that said fail in the first place haha its chill

  12. plus rep
  13. Ive actually thought this, as a smoker. Just look at it this way, THC is absorbed by inhaling it into your lungs. Tobacco coats your lungs in tar, therefore making it harder to absorb the THC, hence raising your tolerance.

    This would only apply to long term cig smokers.

  14. Thats what I was pondering. :wave:
  15. no not at all...and i wouldnt wanna raise my tolerance its hard enough for me to get high as it is,,well not really lol..

    i love watchin the gc always goes nowhere
  16. I find smoking a bunch of shitty weed and swag will raise your tolerance...

    I would only advise to smoke the best of the best all the time:hello:

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