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Discussion in 'General' started by Soulsuit, May 1, 2006.

  1. How many pot smokers out there smoke just pot? I am trying to quit smoking cigs right now. Funny thing is I'm torturing myself. Haven't had one in three days cold turkey and today I bought a pack. Didn't open it for a few hours, maybe 3. Then I opened it. Still didn't smoke one for a few more. Just a moment ago I lit one and after I got that first taste I second guessed it and put it back out. I've been smoking now for about 18 years and I've really had enough. But damn leaving these babies behind is some tough sh*t. I can't stop smoking pot or I become an a**hole. But after I hit a pipe I always want a cig that much more. How many people smoke pot and never smoked cigs?
  2. I smoke em once in a while if I bum one of someone..but I would never buy a pack. Just thinking that I could become addicted and be wasting 5 bucks a day or even more is just ridiculous. Although I know some people that just love smoking cigs..and just enjoy smoking them..good luck tryin to quit, don't let them control ya!:smoke:
  3. i smoked a cig last year at a glow bowl thing and decided it wasnt for me. I voted JUST POT on your poll but its basically a lie because i smoke cigars
  4. Started smoking pot when i was 14. Start smoking tobacco when i was 15.

    I obviously still smoke pot, and i kicked tobacco, minus blunt wraps and the ocassional cigar.
  5. I'm 21...never smoked a cig in my life and don't plan to.

    My grandma smoked for 50+ years, died of breast cancer that spread throughout her body...she died an awful death. My mom smoked for 10 years, currently has breast cancer. So, needless to say, not a huge fan of the cancer sticks. :(
  6. i have smoked a few packs just socially and if someone offers
  7. lol... thats funny i call them cancer sticks too. i bitch at my friends whenever they light up... they always fight back and say im a hippocrite because i smoke pot. but you get high from smoking pot, the damage i cause my body is worth the fun, with cigs all your doing is feeding an addiction.
  8. I suck... I think I need to quit my wife and get a life if I am ever going to be able to quit smoking.
  9. yeh, I tried pot first when I was seventeen and I've been smoking 1-5 hand rolled cigs a day for the last year now (currently 22). Don't know why I do it, but I tend to smoke a lot more tobacco when I don't have ganja. I know that I'm genetically predisposed towards "oral fixation" so I need to be holding and smoking something nearly every hour or so, but when I have ganja I usually smoke less because I'm like "i don't want to muddy the high." But at the same time, the come down is alot smoother when I smoke a cig right before I'm completely sober, so it's not like they don't complement each other somewhat.

    But yes, in about six months or so I hope I can quit once I get a more steady supply with growing . . . or at least have a larger amount of ganja on hand so that I can wean myself off tobacco.
  10. That's an interesting comment. Is there a 'smoking gene' that I haven't heard of? The idea brought a thought to my mind... I wonder how many smokers used to suck their thumbs when they were younger. I know I sucked my thumb until I was about 5 or 6... beyond the age when most people get past the Oral Stage of psychological development. And I smoked cigarettes for 27 years. When I quit, I used a hit off the pipe as a substitution everytime I wanted to have a cigarette. That's not to say that I smoked a whole bowl for every cigarette I craved... only a hit.

    It's been over six years since I had a cigarette (here's the tally: 6 years, 3 months, 1 week, 18 hours, 15 minutes; 54,978 cigarettes not smoked; saving $8,246.59)... nice! :cool:

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