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  1. I just had my last cigarette of my entire life.. (At least i hope so)

    So i been a "cigarette smoker" for about 2 months.. And its been a tough battle..
    I feel guilty after i smoke and i threw away 3 packs of unfinished cigs throughout my history with them but i continue to buy those stupid motherf*kers!

    It gives me like 5 minutes of nicotine high which i like but i dont like what im doing to my body..

    I want to smoke weed instead but its hard find weed here because i live in a small town and everyone has a "cult" so people won't let me in cuz im a new guy..

    I really want to quit so im going to try to tough it out..

    The whole point of me writing this is to celebrate!

    I am officially throwing away this pack and NOT returning

    i just need some support an motivation to quit..

    I thought the wonderful people of Grasscity could help me out with quitting and maybe tips on finding a dealer.. Should i use social media (facebook, twitter, etc..)

    Maybe ask some random people over facebook from my school for weed or..??

    I appreciate it if someone could help me through this tough journey! Thank you & happy toking!! 😁

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  2. Rule number one of Facebook. Don't use Facebook to try and buy drugs

    RIP to one of the realest homies you could ask for
  3. Yea man social media and drugs dont mix. But for some inspiration dude the longer you smoke the harder it is to quit. So make it easy on yourself and give up now.
  4. good luck man ive seen what those things do to people. and yeah definitely dont ask ppl online, maybe text ppl you know smoke?

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  5. I was in the same position you were in man I was smoking half a pack a day for about a month and decided to quit cause my mom smokes and so does my grandma/grandpa and my other side my mom has to hide it from her parents which is horrible. So give it up now. It will be tough but think about the benefits health wise. And if you want to find bud hit up the fast food joints and ask a teenager they most likely know.

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  6. give it up now.

    2 months isnt much.
  7. You're not even addicted yet. Just stop while you can.

    When you're addicted you don't get a nicotine high. You smoke because you feel like shit if you don't.

    Weed doesn't replace cigarettes. Just quit.
  8. Social media is not the way to go.
    Try and get a hook-up from someone from another school.
  9. Lmao @ 2 months. Are you serious? If you can't "quit" smoking after 2 months you are the most weak willed person ever. 

    Stop now before you understand what addiction really is. 
  10. Everyone's different. And your not helping the cause, why not say something positive
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    The fact that you are still getting big buzzes from ciggs proves that you aren't really that addicted
    - You know you're addicted when you get anxious after not smoking for a while
    - You know you're addicted when you smoke a pack every 1-3 days
    - You know you're addicted when you no longer get a buzz (with the exception of the morning cigarette) 
    - You know you're addicted when all you think about is smoking a cigarette
    I smoke a pack every 2 weeks. I have good self control, and every once in a while I "quit" for a couple weeks. I also enjoy the relaxing buzz, and I feel like smoking is pointless without the buzz (hence why I randomly go 4-5 weeks without smoking). But I don't call it quitting because a pack every 2 weeks is NOTHING and it would be a disgrace to all the people who actually quit after smoking a pack a day for 5-20 years+ 
    You obviously have poor self control bro there is nobody that can help you with that but yourself.I would say you have maybe a habit not a addiction. But I don't know you or your whole situation so i'll leave that up to you to analyze.
  12. Why did u quote me n all the pointless crap on how u handle cigs. Dont matter what statistics u may think u have to have to be addicted to something every person is different and can get hooked or unhooked at different rates. That is like ppl asking how to stop smoking weed. Some ppl can stop like that some can't. And if they cant stop they were already a lost cause with there first blunt so to speak
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    I don't think you understand what addiction is. I have a family member that was doing hard drugs I think I know what a real addiction is brah. Your little 2 month tobacco experiment isn't shit. 
    If you act like an asshole you're going to be treated like an asshole. 
  14. I dont give a fuck who u know is addicted. Everyone gets hooked at different rates. And asshole? Ur quoting me on stuff that Dont apply to me. You prob. Didnt even see who the op is. I Dont even smoke no nasty ass cigarettes so how do I have a petty 2month addiction?
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    LOL I thought you where OP my bad
    The 2 month 'addiction' is still a joke though. 
  16. Give up now! It'll still be kinda difficult, but not nearly as bad as it would be if you keep smoking for years.
    You can do it!
  17. Its cool n yea I would like to think that will get pushed to the side. But wat if he was smokin a pack every 3 days? ( idk wat is considered smoking a lot to someone that does smoke cigs) but that would b massive
  18. Its the fact that he has only been at it for 2 months. Most smokers form routines and that is what makes them want a cigg. Like some of my smokers friends light a cigg as soon as they get in their car because they are so used to it
  19. a pack every 3 days is quite a lot, but to hardcore nicotine addicts thats nothing, I've been hooked for a couple of years and I smoke about 3/4 of a pack a day. Op you have a good chance at quitting since it's only been like 2 months. One of the main reasons I smoke so much is boredom, so I try to find something productive to do to keep my mind off of them, or else I would easily smoke over a pack a day.
  20. Yea or a CIG after every blunt. I'm like bro u just got high off of weed wat a CIG gonna do

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