Cigarettes : Does everyone get addicted?

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  1. Personally, i've been smoking cigarettes since I was freshman high. I've bought packs here and there once a week, twice a week, even more. that was 5 years ago and its been the same. i smoke on and off. i have no problem going without for any period of time.I could never understand how people get addicted so easily.. I love a damn cigarette to enjoy when i feel like it, but i have enough mind over matter to realize im doin too much.I'm curious to know it cigarette smoking always leads to addiction in the long run if smoking say 1-4 cigarettes daily?Sent from my iPhone.
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    Physically yes, mentally some no most yes. That's up to you, based on your willpower.
  3. Yes just give it time ,and when it hits you you'll know it and then it'll be to late. I recommend you do your body ,mind ,and wallet a favor and quit now. If your not already addicted that should be easy.
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    Nope, and I'm like you I smoke like 2-6 a day for a few years. Nothing akin to addiction. I actually decided to stop on New Year's.
  5. You guys are lucky. I started with having a few on weekends, then like 10 on weekends, then like 7-15 a day.
    It's a bitch of a drug.
  6. when i was in high school people were constantly telling me they can't get addicted.
    but i think it was because they were broke af and cant afford cigs
    now all those guys are addicted.
  7. Remember that the tobacco in cigarettes is usually grown in irradiated soil, and has many other chemicals added which are very dangerous even in limited doses. If you can do without smoking, you're better off.

    I quit, years ago, after 17 years of heavy smoking, and I doubt that I'd be healthy today, or possibly even alive, if I'd kept that up.
  8. Do not start smoking! I started in high school cause I thought I was cool as fuck, I certainly ain't cool now Reyes so many times to quit tabs but can't.
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    I smoked for like 2-3 months while i was in high school, never got addicted. I think it has to do with your mindset. I was smoking because my dad started testing me after he found out I smoke weed so that was dumb, I quickly dropped that shit hahaha
    most pointless shit ever, I still dont see how people smoke so much, it has zero benefit to you
  10. I've met people who are recoviering addicts from really hard unmetionable injectables....and they say that cigarettes are worse in so far as craving and addiction. They say that they constantly crave one if the see or smell it. And most relapse on cigarettes. The fact they are so easily available is probably the main sticking point for the addiction. It just proves that were profit is concerned our government is an enabler.
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    Not everyone.  I started smoking last summer and I smoked about half a pack a day for 2-3 months.  One day I just decided it was time to quit.  I really hated the smell that stuck around and the smell of my hands after smoking all day.  I also realized how much of a waste of money it is.  I bought a pack a few weeks ago and smoked like 5-10 and then broke the rest and quit again.  I guess it depends on the person, but not everyone gets addicted.
  12. I'd also like to add that I absolutely hate the smell and taste of them, even while smoking them. I just like the buzz. Ugh the smell..... it makes me gag.
    Sooo that probably helps in why I've not been addicted to them or any other tobacco product I've tried.
  13. I used to be like you, buying packs here and there.  But, cigs never did much for me.  When I mixed tobacco with weed and smoked a mole out of a bong is what is very addicting to me.  Once I start doing it that way I can't smoke straight green.  Glad I quit that shit

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