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Cigarettes after Burning?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zenzy, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Well I'd been hearing about smoking certain cigarettes such as menthol to improve your high. I've tried this and found it to be true, also with Djarum black clove cigarettes. Anyone care to elaborate on why, why not, how, or when they have come across this?
  2. And don't give me shit about not smoking cigarettes that's not what this is about I don't wanna hear it.
  3. me and my buddys use the term ATS or after toke smoke, it seems the headbuzz combined with the high boosts er a bit. also when u have the pasties, menthols are tasty. yes it ryhmed bitches.
  4. I smoke Marlboro Reds, and it doesn't really improve my high, but I get that nice cigarette buzz which makes me feel even better.

    Menthol sucks.
  5. i agree i would never buy a pack of menthols but once in a while they are nice.
  6. Idk but I think it has to do with the lightheadedness you get sometimes from the cig???
  7. I usually smoke a cig after weed. It does make you higher, I don't know why. I've noticed I take deeper drags after a session vs just a cig.
  8. So which types of cigs/brands do you guys like to smoke after toking?
  9. Camel Light-skees and if Im bored of those I can newport or camel menthol. Gotta spice it up alil, but your right it does enhance the high a little bit, most likely because your body is craving nicotine and you finally got some.:smoke:
  10. Idk, I loooooooove camel crush. It's so perfect. The whole crush part is usually useless to me as I crush it right after lighting. But I have yet to try regular camel menthols. And marlboro is just a shitty company.....
  11. I don't smoke cigs anymore but I remember about 12 years ago me and my buddys were smoking joints then we upgraded to rollin and smoking a blunt all in the same night well later that night I smoked a half a cig and became very light headed and was just really dizzy for about 5 minutes after.

    The next day early morning I tried to smoke another cigarette but after a couple drags I became very dizzy again and could not finish it.

    Well around noon I decided to smoke another cigarrette only this time I continued to smoke it even after becomming insanly dizzy last thing I remember I was walking to my friends car to laydown and I collapsed on my buddys driveway I tried to get up but my body was not working and my firends said it looked like I was having a seizure.

    Took a few minutes to get up and I dont think I smoked again for at least a few days. first and only time this has happend to me.
  12. Damnnn I think you should look into that.......
  13. Anyone try djarum black clove cigarettes? They make my high really spacey and dizzy.
  14. I got some American Spirits and they buzz me like a mother fucker. I'm not much of a tobacco smoker besides hookah shish. I haven't "ATS" with them yet, but it seems like it would intensify any high. I'll give it a try then let you guys know how it goes.
  15. Doesn't improve your high worth a fuck, but damn does it taste good.:cool:

  16. Have you tried camel crush? Cuz it totally blows my high lol.
  17. camel wides are my shit . And can never go wrong with reds .
  18. I only smoke American Spirits, I actually like the flavor of my robust tobacco...Not the poisons generally associated with them.:cool:
  19. yes always and I don't even smoke.... what? Yea that's the thing I don't like about weed is t hat nothing sounds better after smoking pot than a cigarette. I think it does improve your high too, and smoking after smoking is better than drinking and smoking. What's weird is I've been smoking pot many many years (almost a decade?) and at this point I don't mind smoking with people but if I'm at home by myself I just would rather be high doing dishes and watching police women with broward county ya know? But smoking a cig that's different, hate doing that by myself!
  20. Cigarettes are bad mmmkay

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