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Cigarette roller

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OptimusRhyme, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I was down at my local Headshop and saw these Cigarette rollers, and ended up buying one for a little under 10$..
    Anybody else use one? Opinions? I love mine
  2. I tried one out a while ago, but i prefer to hand roll. I like to roll cones, which you cant with that thing.
  3. I use a dollar bill.
  4. I absolutely love mine. I still practice hand rolling though, but yea I roll blunts with my roller too its awesome.
  5. I really should practice my hand Rollin but its just so much more convenient to use the roller. I haven't hand rolled since I got it
  6. Nah, them machines don't work as well, loose filter mainly! I can roll creasless anyway so I have that problem sorted lol
  7. i did for a while but mine makes it hella tight and hard to drag off. Funner and better to smoke if i hand roll so :smoke:
  8. Never used one, but they work pretty the same as a rolling matt.
    I can never seem to get the hang of using stuff like that so I just roll them by hand.
  9. Don't really know if it would effect it much but when I have done the bill trick I never ever ever use a one dollar bill man those things are dirty as fuck.Dollar bills are most used for snorting anything, placed in nasty areas of hookers if ya catch my drift :eek:
  10. Dumb and dumber use $100 dollar notes to blow their nose and wipe their poo poo from their bottoms

  11. Less spins in the final stage then? Makes my joints perfect
  12. i have one but dont use it i like cones

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