cigarette one hitter?

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  1. I've been thinking about buying a cigarette one hitter but I like to smoke about .8-1g each sesh and wanted to know how much bud you can pack in one of these things at once? Also how much bud can a small bowl hold, and do they need to be cleaned often? Thanks for the help
  2. In the cigarette one hitters, you can only pack about .1 in each pack. Its fun to have but overall shitty. Glass is the way to go.

    As for the small bowls, it depends on what you consider small

    Ive seen bowls that hold .05, and I've seen smalls that hold .5

    It all depends on what you get.
  3. yea i got one of these for like 6 bucks and its all metal just looks like a cig and its horrible. i hit some hash with it and it just tasted really weird and i just didnt like it at all. the thing gets hot as fuck too. id rather go with a chillum
  4. i like them for if u want to smoke in your room but not really be able to smell it
  5. The first piece I ever had was a metal cigarette one hitter:D

    It tasted like shit and burned like hell, but it made a lot of wonderful memories
  6. i own one and its pretty efficient to smoke out of cause u gotta pack so little
    and sometimes i use it as a bowl for my homemade grav bong

    i just bought it cause im an on the go toker, ive had quite a few glass pieces break from smoking outside and was sick of it. plus its low key space out ur hits in public instead of just walking around with a doobie
  7. I have one and i can pack it pretty tight, enough for 2 decent hits. However they do taste like shit.

    The only time i use it now is for homeade bongs, i use it as the bowl/downstem.
  8. if you pack mine, it gets .2
  9. ive got one with a dugout, i love it for outside, i used it at work all the time
  10. i have one that packs about .2 and i like it, but the only way to smoke it i think is to find a decent sized bottle heat part of it towards the bottom and poke the oney threw and pack the oney and rip it, it should get pretty milky if you have it airtight, u get big hits u could either have a choke or just use the oney as a slide it works pretty dank,
  11. why is there so much thought going into this? one hitters cost like $2 max. Anyway, I would recommend a glass chillum. you can find smaller ones.
  12. In my opinion one hitters are great for a number of uses. but of course they have their downfalls. I use mine ALL the time. On my way to work or school, snowboarding cause im to scared to take my glass incase i fall and something breaks. It is small, so you can easily hide it on your person. plus it looks like a cigarette which makes it sneaky as balls.
    it doesnt have a very big bowl, which means it doesnt smell incredibly strong when not in use. and its the most simple piece to upkeep. to clean it alll you do is shove a Qtip (with the fluffy stuff removed) through one end. or anything long and skinny

    one hitters leave remotely NO smell, because the smoke goes directly to your lungs, and then to wherever ;usually after you take the hit the weed doesnt stay cherried (which means no excess smoke is going to seep into your clothes or your room or a smoke detector )
    Hitters also save you a lot of marijuana because youre only smoking small amounts at a time, and none is being wasted (such as when passing a joint OR bowl OR etc)
    Hitters keep your tolerance incredibly low compared to other smoking paraphernalia, AND you always get a fresh green hit :)

    there are also some bad thigns, but htey are small. such as if you are not used to them and haul to hard(resulting in ash mouth) or it gets too hot. oh, aNd hitters arent the greatest for big group seshes because it starts taking a while to pack and repack. but they are great for solo use

    anyways, sorry for the long ass post, you all know why :smoking:
  13. Chronic one hitter use results in extreme burnt-ness
  14. I love mine, as I can just pack it and smoke it in public outside a mall or something.
    STEALTH :smoke:
  15. tokinrobot got this right on! i had my one hitter since grade 10 and still use it. it is the perfect stoner tool if you know how to use it right
  16. I have three one hitters. I love them all. Perfect for walking to class.
  17. Check out the allin1e, I love it, gotta make sure you go for the ceramic 1 hitter instead of the metal though, I hear the metal heats up like crazy after a couple hits but I've had sessions outside with 4 folks all taking several hits each and the only part that really gets hot is the very tip with the ceramic. For cleaning I just let the pipe soak in a shot glass of rubbing alcohol then use the metal poker to push the dissolved resin and crap through, works like a charm. It's great because it's smell proof and waterproof and everything you need including a lighter fits in your pocket in a small package, used it all summer when I was living with my family. Holds just under an 8th ground up in the compartment. Also conserves bud like crazy because you get all the smoke. Moving up to a bong for daily use, but this little piece has treated me very well so far :smoke:

  18. This thread is from 09' :\
  19. i own a one hitter and take it to concerts with me..its a nice addition to my all glass collection.

  20. i love one hitters :hello:  the work good and theyre easy to hide

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