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cigarette filters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MeatBag1620, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Do cigarette filters filter THC from weed?

    I saw empty pre-rolled cigarette tubes with filters that you pack tobacco into and thought maybe I could use those to pack a dank/tobacco spliff to smoke while walking around in the day, anyone that looks would just see a man smoking a cigarette.
  2. Yes they do.

  3. From what i have read, they do in fact.

    Just take any cigarette. Pull out the filter (just the cotton, dont cut the back off or anything), roll the tobacco part between your fingers until it falls out, and stuff with weed. Voila.
  4. yea ether pull out the filter or just poke a decent size hole in it
  5. +rep on the topic,

    I was actually going to roll a j with a cigg filter today but now I know not to. :D
  6. I do it all the time.

    Just cut off 80% of the filter and toke up.

    It's lovely.:hello:

  7. Do exactly what this guy says, it's a very inconspicuous way to go about smoking a J.
  8. it would be one big ass fatty it would take close to a gram or more of finely bsuted up weed too fill one belive me i know :D
  9. Well my plan was to pack tobacco & weed into those cause it would take a ton of weed to fill it up.

    I like the idea of putting a hole in the filter, I may pick up some of those cigarette tubes and try this with a fat hole so nothing is really filtered at all.
  10. fuck, I bought a bag of 200 cigarette filters. I've been rolling my joints with a roller and at first I would cut the filters in half and roll it that way, but lately I've just rolled my joints with the full filter.

    I'm going to stop, but I bought them because I don't know how to make a roach.
  11. Just roll a piece of card into a tube and you have a roach. And from what i hear filters filter thc about as well as they do tar: not very well but a bit so most people don't considder it worth it.

  12. just pull the filter out with ur teeth and replace it with a roach
  13. is there any way to get the tobacco out and not mess up the cigerate, or do you have to roll it up again? cause i cant roll to save my life.

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