Cigarette blunts?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Jaz 420, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I'm a smoker who also enjoys an occasional cigarette. Because of this I almost always have extra cigarettes lying around and it got my thinking, can I used them for bud? Also how well do they burn and does the filter get in the way? Thanks!
  2. Dont: It's something about the way the paper burns. You can pack 2 grams in there and it'll burn up in a minute.

    I learned the hard way as a youngin'.

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  3. No.
    Don't do that. Just buy a pack of element papers and tips and learn to roll.

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  4. What they said.. Also when I feel like smoking a joint I prefer to use prerolled cones. Pretty much the same thing except you don't have to hollow it out. Also I'm pretty sure the cigarette filter traps some thc.
  5. Cigarette tobacco in a joint and double wrap the joint it will burn slow af.
  6. Or just roll it right with some dank weed.

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  7. sounds terrible.. haven't smoked a double wrapped joint since middle school.. and tobacco + herb = lame...

    only connoisseur grade stuff here.. private researve and nug run only.. no doo doo or weak buds
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  8. You can do it. I have done it multiple times. First take your index finger and thumb and roll the cig between your fingers, pushing the tobacco out. Use a similar technique to get the filter out. Sometimes it is harder to get the filter out, so use some tweezers to pull it out after you rolled a little of it out. Once the filter and tobacco is out, fold up a paper filter tip and stick it where the cigarette filter use to be. Now poor some grinded up weed in it, pack it tight and twist the tip. Then light up and enjoy!:smoking:

    Keep in mind you can buy some pre-rolled joint paper also, but if you are lazy and broke this method will work fine.
  9. I cant understand wanting to smoke herb and baccy togther though I just smoke herb then have a cig afterwords. Cig paper has chemicals in it that keep it burning, this is why a cigar will go out if you set it down but a cig will burn to the filter. The paper will burn faster than the ganj. Just stick with j papers. I use ez widers, raws or elements. Randys on special occasions.
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  10. It will work if you take the tobacco out and leave the cig shell with the filter attached. Pick your bud apart finely, or just grind it. Using your thumb and index finger, pinch some bud and throw it in the cig shell, and stuff it with a toothpick after every pinch. Repeat this until the cig shell is stuffed full, then snap off the filter (the joint should be tight enough so that you don't suck through too many weed grounds). If you don't have enough bud to stuff the cig full and tight, twist whatever part is hollow until it is tight. I used to do this all the time when my friends and I were too young to buy papers and my dad left his cigs around.

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