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Cigarette Addiction

Discussion in 'General' started by RobbeB3, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking for a solid 2 years but only recently have been buying my own packs. (Roughly a pack every 2 1/2 weeks for 6 months) and I have yet to experience: withdrawals when I don't smoke or the NEED to smoke. Am I lucky...?
    I'm still quite young but I dunno if that has anything to so with it
  2. Started out the same way. Stop while you still can.
  3. i used to think i would never get addicted

    then one day i was all like "wtf i want a cig"

    thats when i knew i should stop.
  4. What he said. I put them down easily when I was young for a number of years. I was foolish to believe it would be that easy a second time.
  5. Everyone is different. I smoked almost a pack every day for 3 years and quit cold turkey no problems. Now I smoke maybe once a month or sometimes when I'm drinking. However I think the longer you smoke the harder it is to quit. A pack lasting you two and a half weeks means you smoke once a day while serious smokers are at 10-20+ a day. You should really just stop now while it's easy. It took me about four years of light smoking to get to the point of smoking a cig every couple hours.
    But like I said everyone is different.

  6. This. You will inevitably end up smoking more.
  7. I'm lucky enough to be able to pick up a pack and set it down as I choose. Never have experienced withdrawals from cigarettes no matter how quick I kill packs.

    Everybody has a different personality, some more addictive than others towards whatever fix it is they're going for. You seem pretty lucky like me so I'd stay ahead of the game and smoke with caution. Don't over do it and you could be fine addiction wise.

    Keep in mind addicted or not, cigarettes are terrible for the smaller amounts a day the better, obviously.
  8. I smoked a pack every few weeks when I was 16, and got up to a pack a week/3-4 days when I was 18, but I never really liked them and the addiction wasn't that strong for me. The taste and shitty feeling I would get after smoking outweighed any nicotine buzz, so when i decided to quit it was as easy as not buying a pack again.

    These days I'll still take a drag off of someone's cig every now and then, very rarely. Usually only if I'm fucked up and it's a brand of cig that I like, and even then I literally take one, maybe 2 drags tops and I'm done for the next couple weeks.
  9. My start of smoking is a little different than the other blades. When I started smoking looking back it was an awful experience 'physically' but I basically forced myself through all that and smoked as much as I could so I could 'seem' to fit in. So basically I forced myself to smoke leading to me to smoke 5-8 cigarettes to this day 5 years later.

    I never thought I'd get addicted... but one day like other blades said I just kinda 'needed' a cigarette when and why that switch happened I don't know. So as advice you should stop while your ahead, I tell that to everyone who claims there not hooked.
  10. You have smoked 5-8 cigarettes in the past 5 years? How is that an addiction?
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    I'm so sick of this mentality about smoking. A few months back I was chilling at my friend's house and there were six guys. Out of those six I was the only one who didn't smoke. They all lit up at the same time and go on about how cigarettes are awful, but they're a nice social thing, they'll all have to die somehow (so it may as well be cigarettes is the inference) and how much they hate it.

    Then they all turn to me and spout shit about how lucky I am to not be smoking cigarettes, if I ever start they'll punch me in the face.

    That pisses me off to no end just like your post. You're not 'hooked'. You've accepted that you are helpless and therefore can't control your urges. How about mustering up some willpower (all of you in this thread) and kicking the fucking habit? If heroin addicts can do I think all of you don't have the slightest leg for which to stand.

    Edit: I had a cold the other day, but went out to one of the guy's 19th. Towards the end of the night we decided we'd play some frisbee around 1am. I'm playing with two out of three smokers (there's five of us) and I outlast the two smokers by a MILE. Fat people and smokers piss me off because they're no fun when it comes to playing sport since they can't go longer than five minutes.

    Until you quit you have absolutely no right to give people advice on smoking.
  12. @wickedjoker-Do you know the definition of addiction lol? It doesn't matter how many cigarettes, or for how long. The 'addiction' is I can't/won't stop even though it's worsening my health/causing me problems.

    @cruizer-I hope you become addicted to something because then you can know what the fuck your talking about...
  13. I lol'd at this, but yes.

    I was the same as you OP, and its a slippery slope man, I'd stop while you can.

    And cruizer they're right, smoking cigs is an incredibly social thing. It gives you and a stranger a connection. I met one of my best friends because I had to ask the guy for a lighter for a cigarette and we ended up being cool as fuck. I've at least talked with countless other people smoking. Its a mental crutch, you get used to having a cig after you eat and after you get mad and after everything. Before you realize it, you're always smoking. Stopping leaves you a whole lotta free time wwith your hands. Grouchy as fuck too. I'd stop now OP.
  14. Smoking is stupid no matter if you are addicted to it or not.

    Yet I still do it...


    But not a lot, a pack a month maybe
  15. Yeah.. and then you try to kick the habit for good.
    Definitely addictive. I'm a smoker. Best decision I've made regarding tobacco is switching to lights, which still isn't healthy lol
  16. I started like you, pretty much only smoking socially and never buying my own packages. I too thought I had control and would never end up smoking tobacco on a regular basis, however five years later I found myself smoking 20 a day. It was so hard to kick the habit at that point, I started getting irritated when I couldn't smoke, struggling with sleep if I didn't have a cigarette before bed and my whole day would be ruined if I couldn't have my 10 minutes with a cup of coffee and a cig in the morning.

    So yeah, you should definitely stop before you develop a serious addiction to the cancer sticks, unless you are okay with the side effects and potential dangers of course then by all means smoke away. Just don't live under the impression that you can't get addicted to it, because there is a high possibility that you will.
  17. I have quit 3 times in my life. Cold turkey everytime. I also chew though and am completely unable to quit. so i wouldn't smoke, no matter what you think, you will become addicted.
  18. Who the fuck are you to tell me I've never been addicted to anything? Get some willpower rather than lashing out at me because I'm telling you what you don't want to hear.
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    Lol. I'm lashing out at you because your an asshole, not because your saying what I don't want to hear... who the fuck comes into a thread about addiction and says I'm so sick of this mentality?

    But I guess I'm in the wrong for calling out your insensitive ignorance. Not everyone functions the way you do buddy, 'willpower alone' doesn't work for everyone. And since you 'possibly' have been addicted to something as you claim I would think this would be common sense.

    Good day, sir. :cool:
  20. Stop while u still can. Cigs are Stupid

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