cigarete cravings.

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  1. after i smoke i always crave a butt. ne one kno a trick to fix the need with out smoking. im tryin to quit butts but i smoke weed all the time and right after i smoke i always want one of them mother fukers
  2. Chew some gum or have some jolly ranchers/cream savers/butterscotch/other hard candy. And realize that smoking cigs actually kills your high quicker.
  3. really? i thought they always brought my high back up more
  4. Yeah same here, I always smoke a cig after I smoker and it seems to increase my high. I'm the same as you bro, whenever I smoke I always gotta have a cig after.
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    Just quit? I smoked a pack a day for 3 years and quit cold turkey. It is easy, it is all will power, just quit.

    Cig addiction is all placebo, everyone tells you that smoking is addictive, more addictive then heroin, and so on. So when you go to quit, all you can think about is that "addiction", which is what makes it hard to quit. The stomach aches are your nerves because your mind is under the impression that your addicted, and the though of going without a cig makes you nervous. If it really were the nicotine, the patches and gum would work a lot better.

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