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  1. Does any one share the love of cigarellos?
    They just have so much more class then gravs
  2. hahah i had my fun with cigarellos lol their soooooo badass and get you super baked lol

    houston gere :smoking:
  3. Second. Slow-burning dutch at the end of the day with a good friend is one of the better things in life. :smoking:
  4. second reply is soo funny
    cool man
  5. Grape Swisher Cigarellos = My personal favorite dome blunt. :smoking:
  6. Cigarellos=
  7. Grape??? No. Not flavored, they take the taste away, unless ur smokin Reggie Miller!
  8. That used to be me because I'm basically a strictly 2-step blunt kinda guy and if you are with a bunch of dudes you'd be better off getting a fullsize dutch or something.

    But if you're just chillin at the crib and wanna burn to the head, there's nothing like one of these delicious little mini's cigars for a miniblunt all to yourself.
  9. I'm just a regular old blunt hater.

    I think the blunt leaf itself tastes awful to smoke especially from Cigarellos.

    I'd much rather tap four bong bowls than roll up a blunt just to have everyone slobber all over it.
  10. ^This:smoke:
  11. All about the Capones


    Hell, I even rock out the Backwoods every now and then
  12. I love using a graphe swisher to roll a personal blunt so I have something to smoke when rolling around with myself or a trusty friend, but I never use headies, only some high quality mids. However, I can't stand when people put their lips all over it and get spit on it... Makes it disgusting. But glass/vaping is still my preferred method of smoking.
  13. i smoked alot of grape cigs before, i stopped about a year ago, smoke alot one week week camping and lost my appetite for cigs lol. Now i have the occasional cigar (one every month or two if i feel like it) not like the 5-8 i would have a day before lol
  14. Friends have drooling problems? :D

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