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Cigar suggestion

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by my de-stresser, May 15, 2010.

  1. I know not alot of you guys smoke cigars but I'm going to have my first one tomarrow and I wanted to know what you work recommend smoking for a first timer that has a good flavor and one that is fairly priced
  2. Swisher sweet or a strawberry whiteowl, both cheap and easy to twist..
  3. ACIDs (its a brand not LSD:p)
    Romeo & Juliets
    Joya De Nicaragua, a friend of mine got me a box of these cause I was his best man, and the box has a 3 pronged leaf. he got it cause he thought it looked like a pot leaf and he thought i'd think it was funny. anyway, i liked 'em.
  4. as a rule of thumb, anything you can get a 7-11 is prolly not gonna be a good cigar, and its gonna make ur mouth taste like the devils asshole

  5. I don't think he's asking whats good for a blunt he wants to know whats a good cigar to straight up smoke
  6. Go to your local humidor and get a grape dutchmaster. Tastes completely different than one youd get at a gas station
  7. i like jewels they are small but tasty
  8. black and milds are noobish, but they taste greeeat
  9. isle del sole by drew estate are good. they taste like coffe. they are coffe infused and have sugar on the tip they are really good
  10. I like the "KUBA KUBA" made by ACID. I think last time i got them they were around 8 dollars apiece.
  11. i smoke blacks they're nice i don't really like smoking swishers for some reason, but get a wine black if its your first its not harsh and has a really nice sort of fruity smell

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