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Cigar High?

Discussion in 'General' started by G MONEY ---, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. My friend was talking about how there are cigars (pure cigars, no weed in them) that get you high. He said they can make you feel like you're flying. Anyone know anything about this or is he full of shit lol?
  2. well unfortunitly, cigars, and/or tobbacco dont have thc, so u wont get high, u mite feel a lil buzzed, light-headed, its a tobacco buzz basically.
    Somewhat similiar to a cigarrete buzz when you first start smokin 'em
  3. i call b ullshit..........you can get buzzes off some tobacco like black and milds...........i smoke those occasionally...........other than that i dont think its possible to get high off tobacco............
  4. Try smoking a cig like a mad man and you'll get a huge short buzz that gives a cheap short intense high. But i barely ever smoke and i just take advantage of the cig if someone gives it to me. But don't stand smoke it like a mad man or you might stumble over without even really knowing what's happening.

  5. what kind of cigarrettes you smokin....that dust or what
  6. why don't all you haters smoke a cigar and see for yourself? it doesn't get you "high" for lack of better words...but you do get relaxed, light headed, and can have a good feeling for the duration of the cigar and a little afterwards. this goes for cigarillos/mini cigars too. i like to top off my weed highs with them. or just smoke a cigar before work sometimes. they don't get you stoned, but they get you feeling good... just try one. or several. but remember, eventually (years and years later), they will kill you.

    also, while i'm stoned and on the subject. if you take just enough shrooms to not trip, you get an almost weed feeling high. am i remember correctly from my first trip or no?
  7. like sirseedymcseec said, cigars definitely relax you and get you a sort of drunken feeling. i smoke fine cigars, i don't know about those black n milds...
  8. i don't know about feeling high, but it'll definitely get you to unwind a little more than usual
  9. it's more of a headrush than anything. i smoke a cigar before work sometimes because it leaves me lightheaded and not feeling regularly. again, it's not high. but it is a buzz to an extent. an undeniable one if you smoke enough of the cigar and you do it right. but it will wear off pretty fast.
  10. just smoke a normal cigar, any kind you want, and inhale it rather than just puff on it. gets ya lightheaded as fuck if your body isnt use to tobacco. its what got me addicted, the lightheaded feeling. i still get it every day when i have my first cigar or cigerette of the day.
  11. Me and a friend of mine were smoking cigars once, like the world was going to end tomorrow. When we got to the point where there was about an inch and a half left of the cigar we felt light-headed, and very sick to our stomach. We got home after smoking, i ate food like a horse and i felt completly fine. It was no normal smoke. :confused:
  12. I believe that has something to do with the nicotine and tobacco.
  13. u can get a nicotine buzz from them

    so yes, in a way u can get "high" from a cigar

    u'd have to inhale though

    which i do not recomend
  14. lol I tried to inhale a cuban. I felt really special smoking it lol. I was just puffin on it and I wondered how it would feel if I inhaled....well i sucked on that bitch till I had barely any suction left and just inhaled as fast as I could. I looked like this:cry:. wasnt pleasant to say the least.

  15. exactly

  16. You don't need to inhale strong cigars to get that feeling. Nicotine is still absorbed through your mouth. If you smoke anything better the a B&M or Philly you would know that.
  17. tobacco buzz for the win.

    i havent experienced one of those rediculous lightheadedness in years..
  18. Buzzed light headed feeling. I call that a high. It's the nicotine rush. I've never smoked a cigar, but I've smoked cigs. Cloves and primetime little cigars can get you a really heady high for 5 min. I've gotten really high( but for only 5 minutes) inhaling smoke from a primetime, while I was on 75mg of benedryl. It could have been an interaction of the nicotine and DPH. Sometimes nicotine and THC together have gotten me belligerently high, especially when smoked together or Jimi Hendrixed. I'm just careful with the cigs, since I've heard that they can be more addictive than crack.
  19. Try a Sherm Stick. When you go to a corner store, just ask them if they have some in back. It's against the law to have them displayed on the shelves.
  20. Well, I smoke daily and I just had a Cigar. Wow.

    It's been 10 minutes, so I'm coming down now, but that was pretty intense for just Tobacco. It was like a really good weed high for 5 minutes.

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