Cig Smokers - what do you smoke, and how many?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I just smoke Camel Filters...between two and three packs a week.
  2. I'm not a chain smoker, I only really smoke on occasion.

    But I will smoke anything anyone will hand me, but I love Salems the best.
  3. Either camel lights, or marlboro medium 100's, around a pack a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. When i go to the casino, which is maybe 1-2times a week, i'll smoke up to 4-5packs sometimes, depending on how much I drink, and how long i stay.
  4. If I smoke a cigarette, its usually a Djarum Black. Doesn't happen often though.
  5. I like camel turkish silvers, parliament lights, and camel turkish jae lights everyone i na while. I smoke like 4 packs a week.
  6. pfunk and turkish silvers...only on bar nights (which might be every weeknight some weeks haha).
  7. 15 Newports per day.
  8. Marlboro, 2 packs last me 1 week.. good average I think.......
  9. marbarol menthol lights
  10. normally filtered lucky strikes or marlboro mediums

    usually smoke 5 or so a day(have worked hard to get down to this and trying to get it lower and eventually quit)
  11. Marlboro reds 1 pack a day
  12. Newport 100's.

    Depends how many i smoke.

    I bum alot out too.

    Went through 4 packs in 5 days a couple weeks ago.

    But if im outside smoking ill always smoke a port after smokin weed. If im at the crib ill pass on the port usually.

    I smoke maybe 10-15 a day if im outside all day. I usually only smoke when im outside.

    Again i dont know why.
  13. I Smoke Newport Kings,a pack usually last me like 2 full days.
  14. Why kings over 100's?
  15. Black & Milds just to recover mu high when I feel its going away :D
  16. Camel Lights or Newports, socially or just after smokin a bowl.
  17. Strait Newports. Go through a pack every 2-3 days. The sick thing about it is that my friend steals me stoges form the store that he works at. FREE STOGES!
  18. Yeah i feel ya on the Blacks.
  19. yeah I love chilling on a black...they give a good buzz.
  20. marlbaro reds a pack a day

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