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Cig filters as a joint filter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeremynauss420, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. i think it would be nice to just use a ciggarete roller and an empty ciggarete tube to roll an ez quick j, rahter then usin a roach. I would think that the ciggarete filter would filter out some or alot of the thc..but i dont realy know, i wanna know what you guys have to say on this.
  2. plus it would look just like a ciggarete only green inside :)
  3. lol i suppose... but i've never used them. i've only rolled them up ( spiral style / old-skool )
  4. Yah
    From what I've heard cigarette filters filter some of the THC from your cannabis,
    which makes sense since it is called a "filter"
  5. and you can't take decent hits which really really sucks..

  6. From what I have read it only filters .07% of THC so I really dont think it would really make a difference in how high you are going to get.
  7. Just dont. theres zero need, and its easier to make a filter (I call it a spliff) out of cardboard. Just roll up a tiny piece and stick it in the mouthpiece of the blunt/ joint

  8. True but it could also cause a placebo affect making you feel less high...

  9. i call it a crutch. like the little flap of paper on the inside of the top of a cigarette box.
  10. So could not having a filter, a placebo affect is completely mental.
  11. Yeah I know how to roll a j....dont need to tell me how to make a roach lol. ive been smokin for a year now. and I only posted this in apprentice tokers cuz its a question

  12. wasnt this your question?
  13. When we had no papers or pipes we filled a newport with weed and it gave it a nasty menthol taste. Got just as high though.
  14. .....?:confused: my question was does a ciggarete filtler filter out mutch thc. if so how mutch? I would assume it would but im not compleatly sure, so i came to see what you guys had to say on this..

  15. What I'm saying is,
    If i smoke a joint with a cig filter, and I know it filters out some, even though
    it may be a minute amount, I will still feel as though I am less high than if I
    smoked one without a filter,, it is completely mental, obviously, but my mind
    will still make me feel less baked.
  16. i always use a filter when i roll my joints and have never had a problem with "not getting as high". trust me, the benefits outweigh the negatives on this once. filters make the joint smoother and no worries about the roach! :smoke:
  17. Wrong.


  18. the mind is capable of anything. The word should be possibly.

  19. Everyone is different,
    this has happened to me; but that does not mean it will happen to you:)
    My mind has been known to play a few tricks on me, as with some others I assume..

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