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Cig before or after?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SM69TH, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I found that my pops like a good rollly before he blazes, all my friends on the other hand bust out all there cigs after they torch it.

    What do you prefer and why? I like mine right before if it morning but after 3 i just wait till after cause it feels like it makes me more sleeping.
  2. I don't do drugs.
  3. I dont smoke tobacco but when i did, i would smoke menthols cause it felt cool

  4. I usually smoke menthols, but it being winter time and all i like the warming taste of a regular cig
  5. my friend likes to smoke after, he says he gets "higher" :D
  6. Haha hes stupid, it doesnt, it dilutes marijuana, tell him that

  7. yeah thats what my friends say too, you can disagree esp. when you feel destroyed after
  8. I hate the taste of cigarettes so I never smoke them anymore. I used to occasionally back in the day.
  9. shit before and after. All day everyday, chain smoking 83's. Lol jk but seriously...i need to quit soon. I can't believe i smoke a half pack + a day. I remember i thought 3 or 4 were alot.
  10. i enjoy delicious turkish royals after a smoke it tastes much smoother
  11. I usually have one after I smoke. It helps my high kick in a lot quicker. A lot of it though is habit.
  12. yeah, but it makes you feel higher, and thats what matters.

    The only problem is you don't feel high for as much time.
  13. I find after a day of blazing a smoke will "zone" me back to reality slightly... If that makes sense.

  14. no need to call him stupid, but he says it makes the high feel like it kicks in faster.
    personally, i dont smoke, so its all good. but to each their own :smoking:
  15. weed, tobacco, weed, tobacco, weed.
  16. I personally take out the cigarettes after the weed has been smoked. If we're smoking bowls on top of bowls on top of bowls, I'll generally take a cigarette break about halfway in.
  17. My buddies and I always will smoke a square after every session. Lately we haven't been blazing as much since every1 is busy with work, so its just weed, cig. But with the post above, I too have took a mid cig during session. Personal smoking I don't face that much to need to take a mid there...its just beginning and end, no intermission! If that makes sense.. so stoned:smoking:

    Also anyone fuck with the e cigs? I know they blow up, thats not my question ;)
  18. before, weed is a bronchial dilator and smoking a ciggie afterwards just lets all those nasty chemicals get absorbed easier so BEFORE is better then after health wise.

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