Cia And Mossad Plan To Kidnap Snowden, Russia Foils Plot

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    Shame Russia gave the heads up, definitely would have made for interesting news an international incident such as that. One that obviously would be quickly ignored and forgotten here in the USA, but still, it's the principle that counts
  2. I would not sleep well if I was Snowden.
  3. These guys definitely have a guilty conscience if they're going after Snowden this hard. 
    Hasn't he given documents to other people? And to my knowledge he's only released a small portion of what he knows, and they're already acting like this. It definitely does not make them look innocent.
  4. I thought this was going to be an RT article.
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    I love how some blades will be so skeptical of anything a US official says, but will automatically believe anything from another country if it makes the US look bad.

    Read the comments on the story.. Worth a laugh
    Hating America is quite fashionable. And you know, people always get on the US government for being corrupt, but I guarantee you Russia is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more corrupt than the USA.
    By what measurement?
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    Yup, was gonna post this. The government of Russia and the Russian Mob have had close ties for a long time.
  10. Fuck Putler and his cronies. I always find it amusing when self professed leftists, liberals and libertarians defend him, usually only because he is opposed to the American establishment. Such naivety. 
  11. Corruption is a strange cat. What we call corruption we call taxes, fees, services in the US. many of the states we call corrupt do not have the mechanisms in place to skim of extra money like we do. In the US we give those fees a fancy subtle name and no one bitches. 
    Finder's fee, school tax, regulatory fee, application fee, filing fee, international transaction fee, tourism tax, i could go on but I hope you can see the pint. A guy running an Inn in Kabul has to add a little extra for his time to open a room, clean it, ensure the police come around, keep the taliban away, ect. 
    Russia is still working through all this, plus they had a great underground system when it was a commie state. they did not buy their Wranglers at GUM. 
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    Okay, after looking into it, this is how they measure corruption:
    So it looks as though the CPI is pretty subjective depending on people's perception, but if they added it with the other 5 points of research into a combined measurment or rating it would be much more accurate. It could be that the poorer countries are less stable and more prone towards corruption (much of it being petty corruption)- but on the contrary, wealthier countries might have corruption that is more profitable and takes place within the financial sector where public perception may be less relevant or informed.
    Anyways, I was just curious to see how these things are measured.
  13. Well like any measure of illegal activity, it cannot be 100% accurate. The issue of financial corruption is something that is probably prominent in any country with a largely deregulated financial system - as far as I'm aware no banker in the UK or USA has been jailed for financial corruption despite vast evidence of it happening e.g. HSBC laundering cartel billions. 
    I think it is very interesting that the USA's press freedom is far lower than most western governments, despite their precious 1st and 2nd amendments....
  14. What if granting snowden asylum is a KGB plot to sew discontent among Americans.

    To create sympathy for Russia and hate for America

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  15. Yeah, with Putin's new found use of religion to sew hatred among his own people I bet the lines of Americans joining him to conquer the backsliding nations of the world will be endless! 
  16. Not all Americans are knowledgeable of what goes on in other countries.

    I think people would be naive enough to think Russia is the good guy

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    There are no "good guys" in geopolitics, but you and I both know that by now.
    However, there is definitely provocation on both sides.
  18. the only positive thing i have to say about Russia is at least they have tough leadership.unlike ya know,america
    lets be honest here many americans do you think actually know about Russia outside what their biased liberal news networks have told them

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