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Church while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by deepee, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Is it wrong if i light a bowl or 2 before i hed to church to attend mass? Idk if it would be right/wrong to be high while at church
  2. are you religious ?
    if yes, respect your god and show up to church with clear mind.
    if no, does right/wrong matter?
  3. This is for you and god to discuss sir.
  4. Hey if god didnt want u to get high he wouldnt have created such a beautiful plant. ;)
  5. I'm just going to quote jadakiss. "It's ironic but it works, sorta kinda like blowing chronic in the church"
  6. sometimes weed makes me a little bit drowsy

    and, if i do wander into a church, that definitely makes me drowsy. something about the talking-but-sorta-singing-at-the-same-time thing really puts me to sleep

    so, i guess what i'm saying is - i'm already likely to fall asleep in church, i don't need weed to help me with that
  7. You are your own religious person. If you believe it is right, do it. Religion is just one of those things you can bullshit your self in to believe in, dO it your way believe what u want do what u want.

    You know what I mean...
  8. #8 DreamPCs, Jun 26, 2011
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    I'm not religious but my honest opinion. I think you have to meet certain criteria.

    1. Are you OK with smooking weed as it relates to your relationship with God?

    2. You know how you are high. Is smoking before church going to interfere with your focus on church?

    3. Are you going to be paranoid because you think your church members will notice?

    Your answers should be Yes, No and No. In that order. If not, I wouldn't do it if I were you.
  9. I've blazed in the parking lot 2 minutes before Sunday school. The best part is, they always knew..
  10. Hahaha that's wrong but hilarious
  11. Im a somewhat religious person you cpuld say. I attend mass almost every sunday. I feel like marijuana would actually help me connect with god more. And besides, he DID create the beautiful plant
  12. exactly the way i look at it
  13. Hell yeah bro, being high isnt a bad thing. Its just a different state of mind, enabling you to relax. As long as you can handle it, go for it bro.
  14. Treat church like smoking in your parents house, respect their wishes, or take precautions so that you are not caught.
  15. I attended my graduation/mass (catholic school) high on some pills. I mean weed.
    It went over fine, just use some eye drops.
  16. god made weed, right? I don't see a problem.:D
  17. Church itself is wrong.

    Light up and go if you have to.

    If you don't have to, don't go.
  18. Regardless if your religous or not, the ability to determine right from wrong is pretty much common sense.
    And it would be common sense not to go to church high.

    I would just wait, shouldnt be that hard even if your craving.
  19. That would just make Church must more boring, even though I rarely do go.

  20. The risk is no different than going to any other type of public assembly while high.

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