Church of Scientology banned from Wikipedia

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, May 29, 2009.

  1. tom cruise is furious
  2. OMG Amsterdamage!
  3. Those fuckers should be banned and arrested...dead serious. We don't need any of their money grubbing bullshit.
  4. Good, I hate scientology. It's nothing but a money-hungry cult.
  5. Good. No need to spread extra bullshit.
  6. Actualy the way churches are run nowadays Scientology doesn't really stand out as a bunch of money grubbing bastards if you look at other religions like Catholicism or Jewdaism.

    Most Jewish churches charge around 300-500$ per seat on their high holidays. Most Christian churches require a certain amount of donations per year to stay as a member. When Scientology charges for it's services it's no different then a Jewish place of worship charging for seats.

    They just do it in a different way. Scientologist's are weird and I don't agree with their teachings, but it's their right to speak those teachings.

    This country was founded on religous freedom, but as soon as something non-mainstream comes along, shit like Waco happens because people preach tolerance but cannot impliment it.

    Edit: Wow I cannot believe a bunch of fellow stoners outright think they are basicly sub-human because of their beliefs. And Ji-Had seems radical to you people? Theres only a couple steps from this attitude as a nation, towards genocide.
  7. :laughing:
  8. i have mixed feelings on this. sure wiki is a publicly edited site (why i do not trust it as much).. and anyone should be able to edit articles.

    butttttt the COS is so radical, and closed minded.. and i do agree with not allowing them to alter articles about their 'church' because well... theyre crazy bastards.

  9. oh he's really angry


  10. the asshole is ruining the leather couch!!!
  11. Lol, Scientology. Reminded me to watch that South Park episode again :D
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  14. Jewdaism lmao.
  15. thats hella funny

    they have had it coming for a while they are all over the internet distorting the truth about themselves

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