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Discussion in 'General' started by budlover1234, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. hey im new here and i was just wonderin what you guys thought about chunkyglass:confused:

    there prices seem reasonable and they have kinda kewl pieces. Another plus is that there in washington and im in cali so shipping wont take to long

    so has anybody bought from them?? if so what do you think of them??

  2. some of those look cool,
  3. thinkin about gettin it from there or everybodydoesit they seem legit but iv heard they tried to like rip sum dude off or sumthing....

    any experences form anybody??
  4. I fucking hate it when people write kewl instead of cool... I thought we graduated from jr. high a long time ago kids....

    Anyways, wtf man GC has it's own pieces for sale... After all, Grasscity is the worlds best online headshop... I think you should take a look at all the pieces GC has to offer.
  5. yeah bro, ive bought from them. They happen to be my fav online retailer of glass. I live in NY and my order took like 2 days to arrive no joke. Their cheap pieces arnt of the HIGHEST quality but they are nice. I got a really nice steam roller for 20 bucks. The more expensive pieces are really nice though. All around very nice prices for all of their pieces.

  6. sorry man im just used to it...and ill check it out
  7. I ordered from EDIT and customs seized it and broke it.

    I ordered from chunkyglass (and one of their other MANY yahoo store fronts) and both packages arrived just fine, because they are located in WA.

    However one thing to mention: 2/3 pipes I ordered from them were different colors/styles from the item displayed, however it didn't matter because the prices were absurdly low

  8. thats the info i was looking for thanks!....where they alot different than displayed??
  9. never alot different. the piece will always match the description written for it, but the picture might sometimes be a diff color than the piece..

    for example, i ordered a 10" steam roller and the one pictured was blue...i got the same one but red. the description did not specify.

  10. thanks for the help bro


    I ordered a water pipe 3 weeks ago and ive been trying to email them, call them..everything and not one response
  12. dude im getting the same thing ive sent them like three emails and they havnt replied to any of them...welll now i think i might order from the city....thanks for warning me!

    let me kno what happens,

  13. theyre not a ripoff ive ordered 20+ pieces from them they just take forever to ship (forever as in about 7-12 days )
  14. Where do you live wizardofdark?
  15. i live in pa

    the actual shipping doesnt take long at all but its the processing

    aka making it and such i have an order i ordered on the 25th and still hasnt shipped but i know it will within a few days.
  16. Im going to have to agree. The processing took a week for me. With the USPS shipping taking about 2 days.

    As far as to answer the question from the last page, its exactly as GuerillaGrower states, they are the same piece, just subtle design/color variations.
  17. I ordered pieces from chunkyglasspipes almost two months ago, I've called them and e-mailed them, and i have heard nothing back.

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