Chunky Glass Pipes - Starting to Wonder

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by ja_man, May 26, 2009.

  1. Bought a glass water pipe and a bubbler 8 days ago.

    No Word.

    Can't contact via phone, voice mail is full...

    Just e-mailed, I know it is Memorial Day and they are probably out honoring the soldiers but hopefully they freaken get my order made and shipped. Has anyone received anything from this site within the past month?!

    I checked my debit account and nothing has been charged yet, so I am not totally PIS*ED off, but will be there if it takes a month........... my God I hope it isn't a month before I hear from this place.

    I just want to know of anyone who HAS received their pieces from this place?
  2. i bought a bubbler and two bowls off there. good shit.
  3. it took me around two weeks to get my bowl from them... and the glass was thin as shittt on that bowl, so i wasn't too pleased.. but whatever, it gets the job done
  4. I have ordered from them and i wasn't happy with the shipping aspect of it but i love the product.

    It took around 8-10 days to receive it, and the contact sucked. I ordered a bubbler from there a while ago and its amazing. I love it, great piece, good price.

    I would maybe think 1 1/2 times about ordering from chunky.

    Good Luck and Gods Speed
  5. Just a company with shitty customer service. Got my first bong from them. No complaints with the glass but they took forever and just felt shady the whole time. Like we dont have to deal with that enough from dealers?!

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