"Chuckfest" "Chucks farm" "Harvast fest" in Pa.

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  1. Looked up and this sounds like one hell of a cool gathering!!! I will make it my only fest this year. It is 10/2/09- 10/4/09. in penn. They call it "Chuckfest " there I guess. I ain't got directoins yet. Check it out though looks like fun.
  2. Let me know if u find anything out, direction wise.

    Where in PA is it at?
  3. Can't find exsact rd its on blabla. Its in Rebersburg,Pa. Its gonna take me 11 hrs. according to mapquest. But its free and sounds like alot of fun. Anyway so far all I found was the town its in and when.Its definetly goin on. they are haveing a party the weekend before to set everything up! Must be a big farm.
  4. yeah its a big farm back in the woods i guess. i know a few friends who went last year and said it was awesome. people handing out blotters and shit all weekend. i found this on another forum..

    " This is a FREE EVENT!!!!!! Taking place from October 2-4, 2009.
    Hwy 192, Rebersburg, Pennsylvania 16872 - FREE!
    Chuck's Farm is located on Hwy 192 in Rebersburg, PA.
    From State College follow 322 E to 45 in Boalsburg. Left on Hwy 45 to the intersection of 168 you will be in Spring Mills. Turn left and go about 1/2 mile to Hwy 192. This will be Centre Hall left on 192 to Rebersburg about 15 miles. When you pass through Rebersburg go around 1 mile and look for the signs. We have a large red barn across the road and the house sits close to the highway.
    Parking access will be immediatly after you see the house. Just keep your eyes open, it is on the right side of the road...
    Bring for Fall Camping:
    1) live-in vehicle or good waterproof tent
    2) foul weather gear, gloves, hat, warm coat, umbrella
    3) extra blankets
    4) waterproof boots
    5) SPOON/BOWL/CUP & your own food or contributions to the kitchen
    6) something for the Magic Hat
    (I have nothing to do with the organization or planning of this event... I'm just passing the notice along especially since Fall Explosion got canceled).
  5. My friend went to a couple of these last year. I'm hoping i can go this time and my court date won't interfere.
  6. gonna hit this up for my birthday!
  7. Damn sounds pretty cool. Might check that out, maybe ill meet you guys there ;)
  8. i have a buddy who will be spinning there, DJ Red1 and I'm gonna try and make it up to see him spin. Hopefully I can bring the whole massive out for this one
  9. This is where my buddy's going to score me some acid!
  10. Now I'm going too!
  11. yeah. me and kissapie are gonna try to get down there. we live about a half hour from the place.:cool:

  12. Where are you from? I'm 30 minutes from there too. :wave:
  13. Is there a website or anything? I might go to this...after all, who can turn down acid? :D
  14. Not much to it, but it's the official site.
    Chuck's Farm Harvest Festival
  15. ill be there idk how far from york it is but ill be there
  16. see you all this weekend! im hoping to eat acid for the first time up here.
  17. When I go how will I know who has the goodies, or will I just know?
  18. It's fucking cool. :p

    Have a good time.
  19. Damn, mapquest says it would only take me 4 hours to get there, too bad I gotta go to VA with the family this weekend.

    Whatever, it's too soon for me to eat acid or roll again, just went to the limit on both this weekend :)
  20. bump for an awesome fest. Any cool stories from last years?

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