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  1. Chubbys are those multi colored short shorts for men. They are huge down in the south here and they are the worst things I've ever seen and every man wearing them looks fucking ridiculous. I just want to know if anyone has seen these damn thins and agrees that it's not okay
  2. I would get a chub wearing shit that tight and short. I would feel like such a dirty perv wearing those..
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    I'm not feeling the colors haha. 
    Short shorts used to be in style for men decades ago tho..I think it depends on the person as to whether or not this looks ridiculous
    I used to give my dad shit about the old pics of him wearing short shorts but really its better than some idiot with shorts hanging halfway down his ass, about to fall off
  4. Yeah I agree both my father and grandpa just grew up that way wearing those short shorts haha and I think it's better than sagging but damn now the chubby a just fry my brain on a daily basis. Every pair of underwear I own is longer than the shorts I see flying around this town
  5. lmao i've never seen or heard of these. Anyone have a pic? i need a reference.
  6. Not something popular here in Ohio but you need to post a pic
  7. looks like young dudes wanting to look like old dudes or all dudes from the 70's. more power to em i guess.
  8. It's fratty now, apparently. The new prep look is Sperry's, Chubby's, Polo's, and a pair of shades. Plus, if you wear that, it's a requirement to act smug. 
    I think a lot of people look funny anyhow, so I'm not going to hate on a single pair of shorts.
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    I have never seen those...Holy Me, I could not be friends with those kinds of people.
    "Nice bow-tie, Bob!"
    As Bob spills his Pabst all over the fuckin' place; Goddamnit, Bob! :cool:
  10. Yeah definitely not my thing but whatever.
  11. They're huge around fraternities...and I'm not a fan of fraternities. If I see you wearing chubbies, I hate to say it, but I'm immediately judging you as a douchebag.
  12. They look sexy lol

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    These have been pretty big for years. I've got nothing against them. I'd never wear them. But they are nothing compared to some current fashion trends..
    I knew what they were but not the name so I had to google. Found out Chubbys is a taco joint/s in my area. So I'd rep you if I could OP. 
  14. I would never wear them but they don't look that bad.. a little short and goofy but there is way worse out there! Like super tight girl jeans on guys.., wtf!
  15. hahaha Im glad to hear some agree. I know that a lot of people are for gay marriadge and pro gay or whatever I mean I dont give a shit honestly its none of my business believe whatever you want but just seeing these shorts immediately makes me think of well gay people hahaha I understand that gay is used constantly now as an insult but its really the only thing that comes to mind. And by the way that picture of chubbys are nice just not short enough.... The nightmare here is so much shorter i cant believe they get the damn things on in the morning. hahaha by the way im sorry if I offended any marijuana men that wear chubbys at least you smoke pot in your short shorts
  16. I have a few pairs of Chubbies and lots of girls think they look good but I don't really wear them out that much.  I like to look professional when I'm out so I usually just wear them at my house but they are extremely comfortable.  I do agree though that a lot of the colors they have look ridiculous like one of my friends has bright pink ones and its like come on what are you wearing

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