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Chu Guevara bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Theelovee420, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Can anyone please give me all the info on the "Che Guevara" Bong as i am buying it from a friend and he says the pull is bad and i was wondering if someone has pictures of it or could give me some info on how the bong looks and what it all has Example- Percs, ice notches Ect..... PLEASE HELP A.S.A.P
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    I think i speak for many when i say what the fuck are you talking about? I have never heard of a bong named 'chu guevara'. Will report with my findings from google in a bit.

    edit:i'm guessing it looks like this, and it's Che Guevara by the way.

  3. Chu Guevara is a person... It's probably a bong with a picture of him on it.
  4. [​IMG]
    This might be it, I don't know, I just googled "Che Guevara bong".
  5. ya thats the right bong but i need to find some info on it like does it have percs is it a slider ect..... I NEED INFO HELP ME MY FELLOW TOKERS
  6. Now i'm no expert

    But it looks like it has a slide, but also a carb, and probably no percs.
    Looks pretty cool though
  7. Looks like a decent bong. Che Guevara was a good man.
  8. can anyone try to see if it had ice notches percs or any of that such even a slider?
  9. looks to be one of the ones that has a slide that is also a downstem. and has a huge carb on the side.

    so the slide isnt actually ment to slide with that. you would need a new downstem and a slide to get a true G On G motion... and there will still be carb.

    IMO looks like a piece of crap cheap bong lol.

    i like to see my smoke too

    also there is no ice pinches, just look at picture yo.

    no percs, no ice pinches. the downstem is probably single hole downstem too.
  10. I dig the blackness of said bong
  11. [quote name='"Ponyboii2"']Looks like a decent bong. Che Guevara was a good man.[/quote]

    Is this sarcasm? Che was a murderer.

  12. yea now that i think about it, why the fuck would you want a communist killer who died like 50 years ago on your bong?

  13. Cause one its a bong that i dont have to buy from a headshop two im getting it for a cheaper price and 3 cause my friend needs the money
  14. plus it looks like a alright bong plus Che Guevara wasent as bad as some others HA
  15. The whole Che Guevara thing is just a scheme to make money. For some reason, a lot of people are obsessed with his image. Personally I don't care for the t-shirts or anything else with his face imprinted on it.
    But if you are in dire need of a bong and the bong happens to be functional, easily available and also fits your budget then why the fuck not?

    Hell, I would buy a bong with George Bush's face on it for those same reasons
  16. Umm che was the doctor of the rebels so actually he's the good guy, maybe a different story if you had castro on it and why dont you just take a look at the bong before you buy it.. :p
  17. I think my IQ dropped a little from reading this thread...
  18. TheKurupted GREAT REPLY LOVE U MAN
    Stay High:smoke:
  19. I guess i didn't really know that, i read he was involved with some military stuff, but not actually murdering, makes sense now:rolleyes:
    Either way he fought what he believed for, and wanted to help poor(ppl in need) all throughout latin america. I guess it just involved blood. I respect his vision though, to help ppl. Fight against capitalism.

    A question i wonder tho..about if there could be any reason, any explanation to say when the act if murder was ok, was/is accepted...Is blood shed in battle, like an actual war with do i wanna say..worthy? is it accepted? could it be understood? or is all murdering in general bad? or is there a time/situation/belief where two man can fight to the finish?
  20. Why does'ent your friend send you a pic of it then?

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