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CHS smoking Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ann420, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hey Guys
    I don‘t want to make it that long. I am suffering CHS for about 1,5 years now. In december i found out that it was CHS. Before the doctors always said it was CVS(cyclus vomiting syndrom). CHS is a kind of allergic reaction to THC, which characterize with nausea, vomiting up to 5 days, abdominal pain etc. The respective persons are mostly long time smokers( for years).
    So i stopped smoking for about 3 months. The symptoms didn‘t come up and everything was fine. But I still missed smoking weed very much, so I searched on the internet if anybody had the same experience.
    As I went to Amsterdam in February, I couldn‘t not smoking anything. And after reading that people with CHS are still smoking about 2 times a week, I tried it too. It went well, I didn’t have any symptoms and felt quit good. So after that i got more courageous. I smoked like 1-2 joints on the weekend and drank lemon verbene tea while doing that- that was also no problem and I still feel good without any symptoms.
    So i want to know if there are any other people with CHS that could tell me about their stories.
    PLEASE only serious comments. I don‘t want to here „just stop smoking“ or „it’s fake“! If this is your opinion, right, but please don’t spam with stupid comments which doesn’t help me anyway.
    I know it‘s real but it‘s really unexplored. That’s why i‘m writing about it, I am sure that i‘m Not the only one who has questions about this theme. Thank you in advance:)
  2. Stop using cannabis and reset your cannabinoid receptors if you haven't done so already. If you want to start again research microdosing and go lightly 1 hit at a time (20 min intervals) and evaluate how you feel after 1 hit and you will be surprised. Today's high strength medicine doesn't take much to effect you. You don't need 32 bong hits and dabs to medicate so try and keep your tolerance as low as possible and use sparingly (not all day and night) which it seems your tying. Preferably use at night as a reward for a job well done after all your responsibilities are completed. With cannabis less is better. I think people's problems with cannabis is that our bodies already contain cannabis receptors (aka cannabInoid receptors) and people think they have to bombard themselves with tons of THC to get an effect each and everytime they consume. You will end up over loading the receptors and this can be detrimental in some (not all) and you can end up with anxiety issues, tolerance issues and of course the dreaded CHS.
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  3. Doesn't morning sickness mean you're pregnant?

  4. Quite sure i‘m Not :D
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