Chronics Autoflower Journey

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by Chronic The Hemphog, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hey whats up fellow GC Blades, and welcome to my Outdoor Auto-flower Geurrilla grow! My main reason for this journal is so that if i run into trouble or seek help i dont need to fill in the blanks when recieving some. I am located in southern Ontario, Canada, I am doing a geurrilla grow because i have no space to grow indoors, and because outside growing is essentially free!
    Now for the strains:
    5x Early Miss Auto (cropkingseeds)
    (I am only growing one Early Miss plant because a friend of mine has the other 4)
    Future Strains:
    Northern Lights Auto (cropkingseeds)
    Train Wreck Auto (cropkingseeds)
    Amnesia Haze Auto (cropkingseeds)

    (plan on getting more strains soon/autoflower strain suggestions much appreciated)

    Now time to get up to date![​IMG] The above picture is the Early Miss sprouting from the soil the seed had begun germination on April 19th and has just started to sprout today. The soil im using is Pro-mix premium potting soil and the seed is planted in a solo cup shot glass. i plan on transplanting when the first set of true leaves come in, i have not yet decided what nutes i am going to use but it will most likely be all organic. all feedback/ suggestions much appreciated!

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  2. Hey guys, well seems like its just me here so far, but i went and visited my friend with the other 4 plants and they are growing great forgot to snap some pctures but i will next time. My friend also gave me another Early miss to take home (the slowest growing one pretty much gave me the runt of the litter) the seed has sprouted but looks a little weak does anyone know how i could help this little girl? and not very much progress on the other Early Miss but ill post a picture so you guys can still see.[​IMG]

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  3. Hey guys quick update i got 2 more seeds from my other friend they are just bagseeds but they where the only 2 he got so i hope theyre female and the early miss seems to be doing good besides a bit of over watering and the other early miss i had gotten from my friend dried up and died.[​IMG]

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  4. That picture hurts my soul
  5. As it does to mine but has my little girl caught up to itself yet? does she look healthy or no? what can i do to make her healthy. [​IMG]

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