chronicmans outdoor grow pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by chronicmanRPB, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I think you forgot the pics. . . . had one too many of these :bongin: ?

  2. looks good, keep us updated.
  3. NICE good luck
  4. Lookin pretty good man.
  5. nice looking plant man. seems to be a little on the sativa side do you know the strain?
  6. i was wonderin the same thing
  7. i dont know strain but i got it from some swag bagseed an just let it grow
  8. what up, i'm also in the sunshine state, and i also have an outdoor grow going for me... i'm near tampa on the west coast , i think your a little further south and on the east coast... anyways, plants look good... let me know when yours begin flowering. i would like to see if mine do the same... also, do you give them that plant food in all stages of growth or in the veg stage or in the flowering stage?
  9. hey i live in miami but a friend of mine is holding a few of my plants at his house on a balcony in juno beach. I come there a few times a month to check up on them. Thats not far from where ur at right, west palm beach.
  10. if you know how you should try to trim the leaves cuz shes getting kinda bushy! if you dont know how read up on it and try it cuz i gaurentee you you'll get a TON more undergrowth = more bud sites
  11. ahhh the day/night cycles won't be ready for flowering for months. she's going to get HUGE. =P

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